Last Friday was Georgia’s sixth birthday, and after spending the morning enduring Chuck E. Cheese’s, we returned home to abuse the SpongeBob SquarePants pinata that Georgia had insisted we buy.

Georgia and her cousins each took turns whacking at the thing with an old kendo sword left over from my college days, doing a fair bit of damage along the way.

When everyone had taken a few turns and the pinata had stubbornly refused to give up its bounty of candy and trinkets, the adults took turns, with Allison finally delivering the coup de grace.

Then the kids all gathered around to feast on his innards.

If you’ve got seven minutes to kill and you want to see the last moments of a pinata’s life, here’s a full video of the event. Warning: contents may be disturbing for those upset by images of graphic human-on-paper-mache violence.


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