Wednesday, January 20, 2010


OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass"

I've been a fan of OK Go for a while, and have been meaning to check out their new album. Yesterday a post on Metafilter pointed out an interesting open letter from the band about the reasons why the new video from the album, "This Too Shall Pass," is not embeddable on YouTube. Well worth a look for anyone interested in how large corporations might go about monetizing "free" internet content.

Helpfully, Damian ends the open letter with the embed code for the video from Vimeo. So there.

And the song and video are dandy, too. Check it out.

If only my high school band had been that cool...
No kidding.
I feel like the second half of a bowl game should be starting after a word from Capital One, proud sponsor of the Capital One Bowl.
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