Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Georgia's Beanworld fan art

For the last few weeks, Georgia and I have been reading our way through Larry Marder's Beanworld at bedtime. Last week we finished up the first collection, Wahoolazuma, and this last weekend we dove into the second collection, A Gift Comes!

If you haven't read Beanworld before, what the heck are you waiting for? These first two volumes collect all of the Beanworld stories to date, and the third volume due out soon, Remember Here When You Are There, will be all-new stuff.

Anyway, Georgia is more than a little obsessed with Beanworld and all things Bean. And when I showed her the fan art that Marder had posted recently to his blog, she insisted that she should draw her favorite characters and send them to him. She whipped up the following and dutifully handed them to me to scan (which, being an easily distracted father, it's taken me days and days to do). We're sending these by email to Mr. Marder, but Georgia and I figured we'd share them here, as well.

Here's one of the Pod'l'pool Cuties, which Georgia usually just calls "Baby Beans."

Here's her rendition of a Goofy Service Jerk.

And here's her interpretation of the "Mystery Pods" which litter the landscape of Beanworld.

Gee those are pretty swell, you've got a heck of a kid, but then you probably already know that.
I've been getting pickier and pickier about my comic reading as I get older, I tend towards things that are different and push the form forward, but still entertain, Beanworld seems in that class, so I guess you've just relieved my bank account of the burden of a few dollars by your proselytising. I'm sure it, and I, will thank you.
If you haven't tried Beanworld yet, Greg, I'd be surprised if it disappointed. There really is nothing else quite like it.

And yeah, we think Georgia is pretty cool, ourselves.
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