Who's Who in the World of Supreme

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Last updated 1/22/98

Note: only characters which appear in Supreme, Judgment Day, and Youngblood (2nd series) currently listed.

List of Abbreviations used:
Supreme - S
Judgment Day Alpha - JDA
Judgment Day Omega - JDA
Judgment Day Final Judgment - JDFJ
Judgment Day Preview - JDP
Awesome Holiday Special - AHS

Aladdin - A member of the Adult League of Infinity from 3rd Century Arabia. (first appearance- S#43)

Alcatraz of the Soul, The - Hulver Damik's base in the other dimensional Idea Space. (first appeared in S#48)

Alley Cat - A Golden Age heroine, member of the Allied Supermen of America. Married Dr. Rex Richards (Dock Rocket) in 1953 at a chapel constructed for the ceremony at the Citadel Supreme. (first appearance- S#43)

Allied Supermen of America - The premier Golden Age superteam, operated from 1941 through 1949. (first appearance- S#43)

Allies, The - The leading Silver Age superteam, made up of previous members of the Allied Supermen of America. Formed in May, 1960 to defend the Earth against Florax the Dominator.

Amalynth - A world with citizens and cities turned to light by Optilux, the transformation-flash creating deserts of fused glass. It's people now inhabit a Prism contained within the Citadel Supreme (first appeared in S#49)

Andrew Garrett - The secret identity of the Black Hand.

Bartelmew - See Bartholemew J. Troll

Bartholemew J. Troll - In fact, a literal troll, or Kobold, almost three thousand years old. In 436 AD he betrayed Magnar Teufelsun to gain the favor of Bram the Berserk. Years later, during his last campaign with Bram against the legendary Frost-Wyrm, Bram entrusted The Book to Bartelmew. Years later, the troll lost The Book to a magician named Merlin in a game of cards. Merlin went on to become that age's Master Magus. Later, after Camelot fell, Bartelmew tried to retrieve the book from Merlin's agent, the Winter Knight by theft, and was frozen for centuries in an ice waterfall for his trouble. In modern times, disguised as a human, he served as a member of Youngblood(first appeared in JDA)

Basilisk, The - Digby Drew, eccentric inventor and art collector. He invented goggles that turned people to stone, and wanted a collection of super hero statues, with the Allies as centerpiece. He didn't count on Mighty Man transforming to his unaffected human identity, who then freed the rest of the Allies. (first appeared in S#48)

Battlin' Baron and his Roarin' Roughnecks - A hard-bitten battalion of leathernecks who operated during the second world war. Members included Major Blake Baron, Shamrock, and Sammy Smith. (first appeared in JDA)

Big Brother - A member of the new Youngblood. Leonard Doyle, Waxy's adopted son. Confined to a wheelchair, Leonard is a young genius. He has five robo-bodies of different sizes, all called Big Brother. (first appeared in AHS)

Billy Friday - Comics writer for Dazzle Comics. (first appearance - S#42)

Black Hand - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America. In S#44, it is mentioned that the Black Hand is in the hospital following a stroke.(first appearance - S#43)

Blake Baron, the Occult Agent - Formerly the leader of the Roarin' Roughnecks, Baron now works for a government agency involved in paranormal research, known as the Veil. This organizations existence is a classified matter, of the greatest sensitivity. During the last days of the second world war, Baron had an experience with a group of Third Reich occultists, following which he was transferred from the military to the Veil. During the 1950's, the Veil investigated both supernatural members of the Allied Supermen of America... Storybook Smith and Jack O'Lantern. Jack O'Lantern, technically dead, was cleared. The Veil continued to monitor Smith, until in 1959 the investigation was halted. Officially, Baron himself was killed in an automobile accident in 1972; the body was unrecognizable, and was buried quietly, without honors. (first appeared in JDA)

Borderlands of Being, The - An area beyond the normal universe, from whence infinity can be glimpsed. The Jack of Lanterns showed Supreme the Borderlands of Being in 1971, and Supreme's subsequent amnesia lasted for over two decades.

Bram the Berserk - Said to be the son of the frost-giant Buri. As a boy, he had sacked Rome with Alaric's marauding Visigoths, and as a man had ridden with Attila. In the Frankish lands they feared him, and in far away Byzantium they trembled at his name. Bram the Mercenary, Bram the Conqueror, Bram the Freebooter, the barbarian Bram the Berserk. (first appeared in JDA)

Bryce Bristow - Secret identity of The Fisherman.

Brimstone Kid, The - A masked hero of the Old West, who gained his legendary prowess at marksmanship through a deal with the devil. (first appeared in JDA)

Captain Compass, the Black Corsair - A member of the Knights Templar who, when the order was persecuted in the 14th Century, took to piracy. As part of a Templar Expedition, Compass brought The Book to America many years before Columbus set foot there. When he died, the book passed into the hands of a Salem witch-cult. (first appeared in JDO)

Carl Chambers - An assistant editor at Dazzle Comics.

Clare De Lune - one of Suprema's enemies, who tussled with her on the moon in 1965. (first mentioned in S#54)

Coast City - The home of the Fisherman and Skipper (first mentioned in S#50)

Concept-Creatures - The inhabitants of the Mythopoeic Zoo.

Conquerors of the Uncanny, The - A group of adventurers lead by Dr. Daniel "Blacky" Conqueror. Headquartered on Conquerors Island. (first appeared in S#48)

Contra-Earth - A parallel realm where the situations of our own world are often completely reversed. It's inhabitants include super criminals such as a murderous Professor Night, and surprising heroes including a crime-fighting Jack-A-Dandy. It was subsequently revealed that the villainous Supreme of that world is married to his vicious gun-moll, Judy Jordan, and has a delinquent son and daughter by her. (first appeared in S#52b)

Cyber-Zerk - A cybernetic supervillain who believes everything he reads in superhero comics. He mistakes Supreme for the fictional character Omniman. (first appeared in S#51)

Danger Damsels, The - A group prep school girls who were looked after by Glory in the 50's. (first appearance- S#44)

Darius Dax's Tremendroid - A huge robotic monstrosity created by the young Darius Dax. (first appearance- S#42)

Darius Dax - Born Darius Christian Dax, 1916, the teenage nemesis of Kid Supreme. Later went on to become the Einstein of Crime. Contracted cancer and was diagnosis terminal, found a way to transfer his consciousness to the body of Judy Jordan. Darius Dax was, from birth, extremely bright. A child genius, Dax was set to surpass Einstein. Eclipsed by the emergence of Kid Supreme, Dax's jealousy became a bitter hatred that was to endure for decades. When he was fifteen, Dax made a fatal miscalculation. He stole a sample of Supremium from Doctor Erwin Wells. Darius planned to use the Supremium in a mechanism he'd built called a Tremendroid. The Tremendroid was meant to kill Kid Supreme with the Supremium, but thanks to the intervention of the League of Infinity. The Supremium went back to Professor Wells, and Darius went back to reform school. Darius felt cheated, but it wasn't until thirty years later that he understood how badly. Darius had been exposed to Supremium, and though most individuals exposed to the substance were granted super-powers, Darius got lymphatic cancer. In 1967, the prison doctors told him that he had roughly a year to live. Like many people in his position, Darius wanted to use his time mending old grievances and perhaps writing a memoir. He built a device that would digitize and record his memories and personality: his entire mind. The computers which Darius had recorded himself onto were incredibly small; tinier than grains of dust. There were thousands of them. He put the Smart Dust on the pages of a book, and then mailed the book to an old friend. Then he died. The book went to Judy Jordan, living alone in Littlehaven, waiting for Supreme to return from space. Judy most likely had time to read the inscription, and then the dust billowed up and she breathed in. Basically, the micro-machines disconnected the brain-linkages of Judy's personality, then reconnected them in a new pattern. It took two days to erase Judy's consciousness, and a further five to install Darius'. He was on the kitchen floor for a full week. Having finally recovered, Darius spent years waiting and planning. He built HILDA, a High Impact Lethal Defense Automaton, modeled to pose as Judy Jordan's granddaughter. Dax then stormed the Citadel Supreme, transferred his consciousness to the metallic form of Magno the Super-Humanoid. Dax then absorbed Supreme's sample of Supremium, and found himself collapsing into a singularity. (first appearance- S#42)

Deliverance Drue - A Puritan Adventurer born in the Seventeenth Century, Drue was a sport of nature from his birth. An albino, with pink eyes and hair as white as a mountain peak, by the time he had matured he was a giant. Drue became a puritan, and gained fame as an adventurer, his wrath unquenchable against those he thought foes of his god. While burning out a nest of witches in New England, Drue found in their belongings a mysterious book that was to change his life, as well as extend it. By 1868, Drue was two hundred and fifteen years old. He told people he had been spared by the lord to do His work. He lived alone save for a servant, a god-fearing young woman named Eliza Smith. Eliza eventually became pregnant by Drue, and when a friend, the hero Kid Thunder, came to take her from Drue, she refused to leave. Instead, to punish Drue, Thunder took from him The Book. Drue gave chase, and finally caught up with him. After firing a near fatal shot at Kid Thunder, Drue found himself "written" out of existence when Thunder crossed out Drue's own entries about his life and added some of his own. With his dying words, Drue cursed Thunder and all his "seed". Kid Thunder then took The Book, and entrusted it to his friend Nighteagle, the Master Magus of that age. (first appeared in JDA)

Demeter - The Earth Goddess who, along with the other Earth-Deities, rules the entire material plane, including our cosmos. She has a retreat of her own in the mystical half-way realm of Ultima Thule, the isle of paradise beyond our world. Her daughter Gloriana was born on Thule, which floats in the torrent of shifting Mind Colors knows as the Spectrum Sea, or, sometimes, The Chromocean. The splendid palace of the Earth Gods is across this ocean, raised in the lower boughs of the infinite world-tree the Gods call Yggdrasil, rearing from the rainbow breakers up towards eternity. It was here that Demeter was greeted by Hermes, who gave to her a book, The Book, which contains within it the story which is all reality. It was entrusted to her, with instructions to place it in her just made world of matter. Demeter read from the book, and then did as she had been told. (first appeared in JDA)

Detective Gorilla - A gorilla of human-level intelligence who solved crimes for those who could meet his price. (first appearance- S#44)

Diane Dane - A comics writer for Dazzle Comics. (first appearance- S#42)

Die-Hard, The - A member of the Allied Supermen of America, and later the Allies. (first appearance- S#44)

Dino Man - A member of the League of Infamy, and nemesis of the Stone Age hero Giganthro.(first appearance- S#42)

Doc Rocket I - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America. Married The Alleycat (Serena Richards) in 1953. Grandfather of the Modern Age Doc Rocket, a member of Youngblood. (first appearance- S#43)

Doc Rocket II - A modern age hero and member of the new Youngblood. Rachel Richards, the granddaughter of the Doc Rocket of the forties.

Doctor Clock - A golden age villain and enemy of the Allied Supermen of America. Teamed with the Time Tinker on one occasion to bring the forties and the sixties crashing together.

Dr. Daniel "Blacky" Conqueror - The leader of the Conquerors of the Uncanny, and grandson of noted explorer Sir Edward Conqueror. First cousin to Zantar.

Dr. Lucifer - A villain faced by John Prophet, the Fog, and the Phantom Aviator. Prophet and the Fog later destroyed his Chateau Lucifer. (first appeared in JDP)

Dr. Mystic - the Master Magus of the 1940's (first mentioned in JDO)

Dr. Nocturne - A sixties enemy of Supreme. (first appeared in S#51)

Dr. Rex Richards - Secret identity of Doc Rocket.

Dragon Faralanx, The - A supernatural enemy of The Winter Knight. (first appeared in JDA)

Ecto-Man - An enemy of the Allies who turned the heroes into fog. (first appeared in S#48)

Eddy Saint, the Third Eye - the Master Magus of the 1950's (first mentioned in JDO)

Emerpus, the Reverse Supreme - Hero of the Backwards Zone, a part of our universe called the where time runs in reverse. People there enter existence as old folk, dug up from the ground, and slowly dwindle into babies. Emerpus, therefore, as a superhero, spent his career taking criminals from prison, helping them un-do their crimes and devolve into decent children. This approach caused understandable problems on Earth. (first appearance- S#47)

Ethan Crane - Secret identity of Supreme. (first appearance- S#42)

Evening Primrose - A foe of Professor Night. (first appearance- S#47)

Fakeface - A foe of Professor Night. (first appearance- S#47)

Famous Monster Mob, The - A group of masked criminals led by Mr. Hunkle, defeated by Kid Supreme and the Midnight Mask. (first appeared in S#52b)

Fantasticorps, The - A superteam mentioned by Waxy Doyle. (first mentioned in AHS)

Fisherman, The - A Silver Age hero, member of the Allies. Bryce Bristow was a playboy and angling champion who took to hooking criminals instead. The Fisherman was the only non-charter member to gain full membership of the Allies. (first appearance- S#44)

Florax the Dominator - Florax was an intelligent orchid whose seeds drifted to Earth in debris from a comet tail. Able to enslave humans with her exotic sent, Florax colonized several cities before the alien hero Spacehunter, biologically immune to the orchid's perfume, destroyed her with a high-tech herbicide. (first appeared in S#48)

Fog, The - A depression era hero. Along with John Prophet faced off against Dr. Lucifer. (first appeared in JDP)

Future-O-Scope - A device used by the ASA to view possible futures. (first appearance- S#44)

Giganthro - A Stone Age hero, and member of the League of Infinity. Giganthro's unusually high intelligence had seemingly been caused by, like many other peculiarities, by proximity to a strange mountain cave. When he'd grown old enough to investigate, Giganthro found the cave guarded by another incredible product of the life-changing power concealed within. This impossible throwback to the age of giant saurians possessed a semi-human head and brain. It was later dubbed Dino-Man. Giganthro outwitted the giant man-reptile, and made his way into the cave. There he found The Book, secreted there ages before by the goddess Demeter. When the "humanosaurus" again charged, Giganthro was forced to throw The Book down a deep mountain cavern, and Dino-Man followed after. Shortly thereafter, Giganthro was greeted by the members of the newly-formed League of Infinity, who asked him to join them. They had first heard of him through historical records of Zayla Zarn's own testimony at the trial of Michael Tombs. (first appearance- S#42)

Glenvale - A small town where the Suprema lived during the 1960's as high-school student Sally Crane. Other students included Sally's sweetheart Troy Taylor. (first appearance- S#46)

Glory - A Golden Age hero and member of the Allied Supermen of America and later the Allies. (first appearance- S#43)

Gunzella the Gnome Queen - A sixties enemy of Supreme. (first appeared in S#50)

Halls of Night, The - Professor Night's secret sanctum, hidden below Kendall Manor.

Hilda - An android construct of Darius Dax, posing as Judy Jordan's granddaughter. (first appearance- S#42)

Hulver Damik - Called the Slaver of Souls, Hulver Damik was a slave-trader from a dimension where souls have substance. He wanted the Allies' powerful souls to sell to his inhuman "customers". Hulver Damik was reportedly absorbed by the Crimson Sphere in 1966. In fact, Damik and the Sphere worked out an agreement.

Ideo-Spatial Imaging Helmet, The - An apparatus which Supreme uses to access Thought-Space. (first appearance- S#47)

Imaginary Menagerie - A portion of the Citadel Supreme which contains entities which exist only in a thought-dimension Supreme calls Myth-Space. Also known as the Mythopoeic Zoo. (first appearance- S#43)

Impolympics, The - There is only one event: To see which imp, sprite, or pixie can come up with the most irrational and pointless stunt. (first appeared in S#53)

Iron Cross, The - A German super villain of the second world war. (first mentioned in JDA)

Jack Bradley - A reporter who was murdered, and whose body became the host of the supernatural force the Jack of Lanterns for a time.

Jack O'Lantern - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America. Jack O'Lantern, also called the Jack of Lantern(first appearance- S#44)

Jack-A-Dandy - An enemy of Professor Night. Known as the Foppish Felon. (first appearance- S#47)

Janet Planet - A sixties hero and associate member of the Allies. (first appeared in S#48)

Jim Stormbird - Leader of the Stormbirds, a group of crack pilots attacked to the UN.

John Paneczik - The product of the in vitro fertilization of his mother by an unnamed genius father. Paneczik has designed a suit which incorporates tiny laser lenses and mirror, for the purpose of producing hologram images, speakers that broadcast modulated sound, and a "buzzgun" that fires designer drug ampules. He calls himself Johnny Panic, which is a quotation from a poem by Sylvia Plath. (first appeared in AHS)

John Prophet - The Man of Marble, a depression era hero who worked alongside such heroes as Zantar, the Fog, and the Phantom Aviator. Later revived in the modern day.

Jonas Tate - Station Manager for K-ZAM, worked with Ethan Crane and Judy Jordan from the 1940's through the 1960's. Lucas Tate's father? Some of Jonas' phrases: "Great Montezuma's Revenge" "Great Napoleon's Waistcoat"

Joseph "Joe" and Joanne Crane - Adoptive parents of Ethan Crane. (first appearance- S#42)

Judge Katherine McKinnon - Once helped the Allies back in the sixties. (first appeared in JDA)

Judy Jordan - Born in 1920, Judy was Ethan Crane's childhood sweetheart, and later worked alongside him at K-ZAM. Judy Jordan later learned kung fu and became involved with women's rights. Her consciousness was eradicated and her body "possessed" by the computerized mind of Darius Dax in early 1969. Revived in the fall of 1997, her consciousness transferred into the form of a Suprematon Robot. Along with S-1, one of only two Suprematon's to enjoy sentience. (first appearance- S#42)

Jungle Jack Flynn - A sixties hero, able to transform into Jaguar Jack. (first appeared in S#48)

Kendall Manor - Home of Professor Night and Twilight, the Darktown Duo. (first appearance- S#47)

Kid Achilles - A member of the League of Infinity. (first appearance- S#42)

Kid Supreme - The alias by which Supreme was known as a boy in Littlehaven. (first appearance- S#42)

Kid Thunder - A masked hero of the Old West. An escaped slave named Judd Langston, Kid Thunder was an ancestor of Marcus Langston. (first appeared in JDA)

Korgo the Space-Bully - An enemy of Kid Supreme. Later known as the Space-Tyrant.(first appearance- S#42)

Korgo the Space-Tyrant - Brinn Korgo, a wealthy and pugnacious space-brat, became notorious while he was a teenager as Korgo the Space-Bully, battling Kid Supreme with a Power Built his parents bought him. In later life he grew to become the intergalactic scourge known as Korgo the Space-Tyrant. (first appearance- S#43)

Lady Day - Shona Shane, a prosecuting attorney who used to sometimes assist Professor Night before she retired. (first appeared in JDA)

League of Infamy, The - An organization comprising the enemies of League of Infinity members.(first appearance- S#42)

League of Infinity, The - A team of young heroes from the past, present and future. (first appearance- S#42)

Leonard Doyle - The secret identity of Big Brother.

Life After Death - The title of the book given by Darius Dax to Judy Jordan shortly before his "death".

Linda Kendall - Secret identity of Twilight, the Girl Marvel. The niece of Taylor Kendall (first appearance- S#47)

Littlehaven - Childhood home of Ethan and Sally Crane. (first appearance- S#42)

Littlehaven General Store - Owned by Joe and Joanne Crane. (first appearance- S#42)

Lonesome Rider, The - A hero of the Old West. (first mentioned in JDA)

Lord Sin - Like Satana, a native of a region of the infernal realm that has shaped itself according to the fears and fancies of late twentieth-century America.

Lord Sin, The - An enemy of Suprema, a demon from hell. (first appearance- S#46)

Lucas Tate - Editor for Dazzle Comics. The son of Jonas Tate? (first appearance- S#42)

Luriel the Angel - An inhabitant of the Mythopoeic Zoo. (first appearance- S#43)

Magnar Teufelson - A warlock of the early middle ages, overthrown by Bram the Berserk in 436 A.D. (first appeared in JDA)

Mark Tyme, Dimensioneer - A sixties hero with the power to control time. (first appeared in S#49)

Master Meteor - A foe of Kid Supreme, later known as the Supremium Man I. (first appearance- S#42)

Maximage, The - Lori Sanders, the current Master Magus. (first appeared in JDO)

Merlin - the Master Magus of age of Camelot. (first appeared in JDA)

Meta-Men, The - A superhero team mentioned by Waxy Doyle. (first mentioned in AHS)

Midnight Mask, The - An identity briefly used by Taylor Kendall at the age of 13. Taylor got the idea from pulp magazines such as "Masked Detective Stories" (first appeared in S#52b)

Mighty Man - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America and later the Allies. (first appearance- S#43)

Mintoaur - A member of the League of Infamy. (first appearance- S#42)

Miskatonic Mental Institution for the Homicidally Distressed - The facility where Jack-A-Dandy and the Lounge Lizard, among others, are incarcerated. Located outside Star City. (first appeared in S#53)

Morganna La Fey - A member of the League of Infamy. (first appearance- S#42)

Moth Empress, The - A space dominatrix who transformed the Allies into her insect drones until the Fisherman intervened. (first appeared in S#48)

Mr. Hunkel - One of Ethan Crane's Aunt Lucy's boarders. The leader of the Famous Monster Mob. (first appeared in S#52b)

Mythopoeic Zoo - Another name for the Imaginary Menagerie.

Night Files - Professor Night's computer database system, housed in the Halls of Night.

Nighteagle - the Master Magus of the late nineteenth century. (first appeared in JDA)

Nite Mite - Professor Nite's elfin antagonist (first appeared in S#53)

Optilux - An enemy of Supreme. Originally scientist Voran Glynn of planet Sarto, Optilux discovered a process that would convert matter into light. He first turned himself into pure radiance and then, having developed a messianic complex, he vowed to transform the entire material Universe. The planet Amalynth was his first Conversion. He later went on to use his Photoplasmic Converter to remove the populations of three dozen worlds from this dimension. Optilux was thought dead by suicide in 1969. In fact he had, in his words, been "translated" to a "higher form of radiance". (first appearance- S#43)

Phantom Aviator, The - A flying ace of the first world war, remained active through WWI. Was killed during the African Campaign against Rommell in 1943 by artillery fire, just after entrusting the Book given to him by John Prophet to Smith

Police Chief O'Brien - Star City Police Chief, and confidant of Professor Night. (first appearance- S#47)

Polyman - A sixties hero, and associate member of the Allies. Able to stretch any part of his body. (first appeared in S#48)

Possibilitron - A mechanism created by Supreme which works out future possibilities. (A redesigned Future-O-Scope?) (first appeared in S#50)

Pratap - Manservant of millionaire Taylor Kendall, Pratap started work for Taylor in the fifties. Is well aware of his employer's secret life, and assists him in that as in all other matters. When the Darktown Duo succumb to the machinations of Hulver Damik, Pratap stays on at the Kenall Manor, awaiting their return. (first appearance- S#47)

Princess Gloriana Demeter - Secret identity of Glory.

Prism-World of Amalynth - A crystal prism wherein the former citizens of Amalynth dwell. Contained within the Citadel Supreme. (first appearance- S#43)

Prismalo the Painter - A famous intergalactic artist, who flattered the Allies into sitting for him, little suspecting that his painted images would siphon away their life force. (first appeared in S#48)

Professor Night's Night Flyer - A specially designed aircraft used by Professor Night. (first appeared in S#52b)

Professor Night - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America and later the Allies. Along the Supreme, one half of the World's Greatest Team. Called the Dean of Darkness, his aid is Twilight, the Girl Marvel. Together they are knows as the Darktown Duo. Early 1970's, Professor Night and Twilight are found by Pratap in the Halls of Night, collapsed and lifeless. They exhibited no activity within their brains, no breath, no heartbeat. (first appearance- S#43)

Professor Wells - The town scientist of Littlehaven. (first appearance- S#42)

Queen Xanthea - The immortal ruler of a silver city in Africa, an enemy of Zantar. (first mentioned in JDA)

Qyrk - The sea-sprite who used to annoy Roy Roman (first appeared in S#53)

Rachel Richards - The secret identity of Doc Rocket II. The granddaughter of Rex Richards, the golden age Doc Rocket. (first appeared in AHS)

Radar, the Hound Supreme - Supreme's faithful canine companion. (first appearance- S#42)

River Lethe, The - The river of forgetfulness of Greek legend, is though to run beneath Professor Night's Halls of Night. (first appeared in S#52b)

Roy Roman, the Mer-Master - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America and later the Allies. (first appearance- S#43)

S-1 - The faithful Suprematon Decoy, S-1 created Suprematons of Judy Jordan and Ma and Pa Crane during Supreme's absence. He was subsequently rebuilt by Supreme and cured of his insanity. After Judy Jordan is revived in the form of a Suprematon, S-1 reveals that, as a copy of all Supreme is, he harbors the same feelings for Judy Jordan as Supreme once did. S-1 announces his love for Judy, and asks for her hand in marriage. To symbolize his newly-won personhood and individuality, S-1 took a new name, that of Talos, the metal man from Greek legend. Judy made him a new costume, and they were married in the Stadium, reconverted after the Youngblood trial the month before. Suprema was maid of honor, Radar was best dog. Supreme then loaded them his deep space vessel the Supremobile. They went looking for a habitable planet somewhere in the Rigel System. Eventually they found a suitable ship. Judy and Talos then began constructing a civilization. Talos believes that he and Judy can provide second generation artificial personalities, spice randomly from their own combined personalities. Theoretically, they can populate the planet with their digital "children". (first appearance- S#43)

Sacred Seven, The - A superhero team mentioned by Waxy Doyle. (first mentioned in AHS)

Sally Crane - Secret identity of Suprema, and adoptive sister of Ethan Crane. (first appearance- S#42)

Sammy Smith - The secret identity of Storybook Smith. During the early days of WWII served as the Roughnecks' mascot The father of Leanna Creel, by Miranda Creel. The great, grandson of Eliza Smith, Deliverance Drue's maid.

Satana - An enemy of Suprema. A native of a region of the infernal realm that has shaped itself according to the fears and fancies of late twentieth century America. Satana is especially dedicated to bedeviling Suprema.(first appearance- S#46)

Sentinel - In 1958, The Book was stolen from Sammy Smith by Langston, one of his acquaintances involved in the drug culture. Langston then gave the Book, seemingly worthless, to his son Marcus. Marcus discovered the Book's unusual properties, and set about rewriting the story of his life which he had found presented in it. He made a bright and promising future for himself: instead of dying at the age of nineteen robbing a liquor store, he graduates from a university and becomes an expert in the field of electronics. He designs a cybernetic battlesuit, and gets a high-paying job with the military. He becomes a superhero, and then is joined by others. Still, and always, tough, Marcus Langston remains the best. In time, he makes his life, and the world, more thrilling, more dangerous, until in the end it is barely recognizable.

Serena Richards - Secret identity of the Alley Cat. (first appearance- S#44)

Shadow Supreme - In 1958, rogue scientist Darius Dax built a device called the Negatizer, capable of creating a physical and moral Negative Duplicate of any person or thing. Turning the ray on Supreme, he created the dreadful Shadow Supreme, a monster as cruel and savage as Supreme is kindly and wise.

Shadow Supreme, The - An evil negative version of Supreme created by Darius Dax, currently consigned to the Hell of Mirrors. (first appearance- S#43)

Shamrock Sullivan- A member of the Roarin' Roughnecks (first appeared in JDA)

Sir Edward Conqueror - The hero of Victorian England for his exploits, most famous being his discovery of a remote atoll he named Conqueror Island. Here, for reasons still unclear, remnants of prehistoric species still survive. The island is one of the Earth's great unsolved enigmas. (Later, in the sixties, Daniel Conqueror and his colleagues would make their headquarters there, and for a time it was the home of Stupendo, the Simian Supreme.) In 1895, Sir Edward visited America, intent on studying its archeology. It was in that year that he met his wife. He also excavated an old Indian burial ground where he found something that his notes refer to only as "Artifact No. 137". His notes upon the artifact seem almost feverish. On April 30th, 1902, he writes, "It is either a god, or else was made by one." He took it with him on his final expedition in 1905, visiting Africa in search of his lost brother William, William's wife Suzanne, and their son Charles. Sir Edward then died under as yet unrevealed circumstances, and his skeleton, the artifact still clutched tight in its bony grasp, was worshipped by local tribesman. His nephew Charles, now Zantar, the "White God of the Congo", found him in this condition, all unknowing, and took from his skeletal hands The Book.

Sir Giles DeVere - The Winter Knight, the Champion of Merlin and protector of The Book after the fall of Camelot. He had the power to project intense cold from the blade of his sword. Devere established an Order of Knights which eventually became the Knights Templar.

Skyboy? - A WWII hero mentioned in the script for JDA. Name does not appear in dialogue. (first mentioned in JDP*)

Spacehunter's Moonbase - The base of operations of Spacehunter, the alien hero of the sixties.

Spacehunter - A Silver Age hero, and member of the Allies. (first appearance- S#44)

Star City - Base of operations for the Darktown Duo, Professor Night and Twilight. (first appearance- S#47)

Station K-ZAM - Place of employment for Ethan Crane, Judy Jordan, and Jonas Tate from the forties through the sixties. (first appearance- S#42)

Stormbird Mountain - The base of operations for the Stormbirds.

Stormbirds, The - A group of flying aces attached to the United Nations. Led by Jim Stormbird. (first appeared in S#49)

Stormers, The - A superhero team mentioned by Waxy Doyle. (first mentioned in AHS)

Stormhead- A mutant who attacked Coast City on Christmas Eve, 1997. The new Youngblood made their first public appearance facing him. (first appeared in AHS)

Storybook Smith - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America. He obtained his magic book from the Phantom Aviator while the mascot for Blake Baron's Roaring Roughnecks, and he used it to become a hero after being released from military service. Smith lost his magic book in 1958. (first appearance- S#43)

Stupendo the Simian Supreme - One of Doc Well's laboratory chimps who turned into a giant by exposure to supremium. Supreme befriended him after his initial rampage, and found a home for him with some friends on Conqueror Island. Died of Supremium poisoning in 1965; stuffed and mounted by Supreme

Super Patriot - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America and later the Allies.

Super-Patriot, The - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America and the Allies. (first appearance- S#44)

Suprema - The Lass of Laurels, the Girl of our Dreams, the adoptive sister of Supreme. (first appearance- S#45)

Supreme - The Ivory Icon, the world's greatest superhero.

Supremium Man I - An evil teenager from a parallel world who collected rare supremium meteorites. At first, he was called Master Meteor. When he returned as an adult, he was called the Supremium Man. (first appeared in S#51)

Supremium Man II - Darius Dax, in the metal for of Magno, after being transported back in time by a sample of Supremium. After further exposure to Supremium, he was compressed into a singularity, and traveled further back in time, causing the creation of Supreme himself.

Supremium Man, The I - An enemy of Supreme, formerly Kid Supreme's nemesis Master Meteor.

Supremium Man, The II - Darius Dax's consciousness animating the body of Magno the Superhumanoid, irradiated by exposure to Supremium. (first appearance- S#45)

Szazs, the Sprite Supreme - An annoying imp who comes from a dimension with a different logic system from our own. His dimension is one of the higher mathematical planes, which accounts for his different logic values. Interestingly, he can only exist in prime-numbered dimensions: the third, the fifth, the seventh, and so on. (first appearance- S#47)

Taylor Kendall- Secret identity of Professor Night. Taylor was diagnosed as a child with a rare strain of Porphyria's Complaint, forcing him to avoid daylight.

Televillain, The - An ordinary t.v. repairman named Reuben Tube who liked to tinker with electronics as a hobby... until he invented the Static Suit, an astonishing device that would actually allow him to enter the virtual world of on-screen stories, traveling from one T.V. set to another as the colorful bandit called the Televillian. (first appearance- S#43)

Termite Man, The - An enemy of Zantar. (first mentioned in JDA)

Three Mayhe-Maniacs, The - A collection of ghastly ghouls who appeared to the ASA on New Year's Eve, 1949, to show them glimpses of their possible futures. (first appearance- S#44)

Time Tinker, The - A sixties enemy of Glory who reached across twenty years to the forties to team up with the Golden Age villain Doctor Clock. Their plan was to crash the two decades together, profiting from the resultant chaos. Traveling back in time via Supreme's Time Tower, the Allies teamed up with the Allied Supermen, defeated the villains and put time back to normal. (first appeared in S#48)

Time Tower - A passageway from the past through the future, which the League of Infinity uses in their struggle against evil. (first appearance- S#42)

Toby King - The secret identity of Skipper, and the ward of Bryce Bristow. (first appearance- S#47)

Tomorrow Tyrant, The - A member of the League of Infamy. (first appearance- S#42)

Troy Taylor - Childhood sweetheart of Sally Crane, from the small town of Glenvale. (first appearance- S#46)

Twilight, the Girl Marvel - Sidekick of Professor Night, one half of the Darktown Duo.

Unreal Realms, The - Another name for Thought Space. (first appearance- S#47)

Waxman - A Golden Age hero, member of the Allied Supermen of America. (first appearance- S#43)

Waxy Doyle - Secret identity of Waxman (first appearance- S#44)

Winter Knight, The - A hero of the age of Camelot, and Merlin's Champion. See Sir Giles DeVere. (first appeared in JDA)

Witch Wench - A hero of Old Salem, and member of the League of Infinity. (first appearance- S#42)

Wizard of Blizzard, The - A sixties enemy of the Allies who turned the Allies into Snowmen. (first appeared in S#48)

World's Greatest Team, The - The team of Supreme and Professor Night, along with Twilight the Marvel Girl.

Young Bill Hickock - A hero of the Old West, and member of the League of Infinity. (first appearance- S#42)

Youngblood - A reformed superteam, comprised of Shaft, Suprema, Twilight, Doc Rocket II, Johnny Panic and Big Brother. Sponsored by Waxy Doyle, the former Waxman. (first appeared in AHS)

Zantar - William Conqueror, along with his wife Suzanne and infant son Charles, went missing in Africa during a safari in the Congo. William and Suzanne died unexpectedly of a tropical illness, and their baby son was then raised by lions. Growing to adulthood to become the King of Jungle, he took the name Zantar, and was later called the "White God of the Congo". In the 1920's, Zantar came to America where in New York he met John Prophet, the famed Man of Marble. After an initial skirmish between the two, Zantar gave The Book to Prophet, and it passed out of the Conqueror family's history. (first appeared in JDA)

Zayla Zarn, Futuregirl - A hero from the 25th century, and member of the League of Infinity.(first appearance- S#42)