Last updated 1/21/98

Late Miocene Period, Ten Million Years Ago: Giganthro finds the Book, and is invited to join the League of Infinity.

436 AD: Bram the Berserk overthrows the Warlock Magnar Teufelsun, despite the warlocks Kobold Army. A trusted advisor of Magnar’s, a Kobold named Bartelmew, betrayed his master in the hopes of bettering his fortunes under Bram.

530 AD: Merlin, the Master Magus of age of Camelot, entrusts the Book to his Champion, the Winter Knight.

14th Century: The Knights Templar, the successors to the order of knights established by Giles DeVere, are persecuted. Some of their members, among them Captain Compass, turn to piracy.

1653: Deliverance Drue born. Went on to become the famed Puritan adventurer.

1868: Kid Thunder steals The Book from Deliverance Drue. Drue catches him, and Kid Thunder "writes" Drue out of existence.

1895: Sir Edward Conqueror visits America, intent on studying its archeolgoy. He meets his wife, and also excavates an old Indian burial ground where he found something that his notes refer to only as "Artifact No. 137", the Book.

1905: Sir Edward Conqueror makes a final expedition, visiting Africa in search of his lost brother William.

1916: Darius Christian Dax born

1918: Zantar, White God of the Congo, obtains the Book from the bony hands of his uncle’s skeleton.

1920: Judy Jordan born

1920’s: Zantar comes to America where in New York he meets John Prophet, the famed Man of Marble. After an initial skirmish between the two, Zantar gives The Book to Prophet.

1939: Supreme contructs an anti-gravity fortress in space which he calls the Citadel Supreme

1940: The Citadel Supreme reloacted to Earth’s atmosphere inside an artificial cloud

1941: The Allied Supermen of America formed

1943: The Phantom Aviator is killed by artillery while assisting the Roarin’ Roughnecks in the Africa Campaign.

1950: The Allied Supermen of Americ disband

1953: The Stadium Supreme was converted into a Chapel for the wedding of Dock Rocket and the Alleycat.

1958: Darius Dax creates the Shadow Supreme

1958: Sally Crane exposed to Supremium radiation by the Supremium Man II

1958: The Book is stolen from Sammy Smith by Langston, one of his acquaintances involved in the drug culture, and given to his son Marcus Langston.

1959: Judy Jordan temporarily becomes Supreme Woman

1960 May: The Allies formed when the worlds greatest heroes band together to face Florax the Dominator

1962: February Supreme faces The Supremium Man I

1964: The Citadel Supreme rebuilt after an attack by the villain-team of Darius Dax and Optilux

1965: Suprema faces Clare De Lune on the surface of the moon

1965: Stupendo the Simain Supreme dies of Supremium posioning

1967: Supreme faces the End

1967: Prison doctors inform Darius Dax that he has roughly a year to live. He encodes his mind on micro computers, and infects Judy Jordan with them.

1968: Supreme leaves Earth.

1969: Optilux is thought dead by suicide. In fact he had, in his words, been "translated" to a "higher form of radiance".

1969: Judy Jordan returns to Littlehaven, after Supreme has left Earth. She receives Dax’s book, and has her mind erased.

1971 May: Supreme is shown the Borderlands of Being by the Jack of Lanterns. By this point Mom and Pop Crane have passed away.

1971: The essences of Professor Night and Twilight captured by Hulver Damik

1972: Major Blake Baron reported killed in an automobile accident

1997 August 30: Mickey Tombs, the member of Youngblood known as Knightsabre, celbrates his birthday.

1997 August 31: Leanna Creel, the member of Youngblood known as Riptide, is found murdered in her quarters.

1997 August 4th: Dax storms the Citadel Supreme, and inhabits the form of Magno the Superhumanoid.

1997 September: The Youngblood Trial

1997 October: Jeff Terrell, Shaft, is approached by Waxy Doyle, the furniture polish billionaire, to form a new Youngblood.

1997 October: Judy Jordan is revived, her consciousness transferred into the form of a Suprematon Robot.