The World of Supreme

This page is dedicated to the world created by Alan Moore for Extreme Studios' Supreme (and later Maximum Press, and later Awesome Comics). Along with Kurt Busiek's Astro City, Grant Morrison's JLA and James Robinson's Starman, Supreme is changing the way comics readers look at the superhero genre. Or, should I say, changing it back. These four books, along with a few other notables, are reintroducing to the genre was Alan Moore himself has called a "sense of wonder." Rather than investigating the psychological pathologies of men and women who dress in tights and beat up total strangers, one of the hallmarks of the Grim and Gritty Era, these books instead accept as a given that superheroes are truer, more honest, more pure than ordinary humans could ever hope to be. In essence, this approach accepts as gospel all the unspoken conventions of superhero comics of the golden and silver ages, and then runs with them. These books are not ashamed of featuring brightly clad superheroes, they revel in them. In them the long-time reader of superhero comics can rediscover what drew them to the genre in the first place, and new comers can learn what we have known all along.

Who's Who in the World of Supreme: An ongoing concordance of the characters, ideas and locales that have so far appeared in Alan Moore's work for Awesome Comics. This includes Supreme, Judgment Day, and the forthcoming Youngblood.

A Timeline Supreme: A brief outline of the key events of the World of Supreme. Another ongoing project.

The Prehistory of Supreme: A cursory glance at the publishing history of the character, and the background of his creator, Rob Liefeld.

Alan Moore: A Brief Sketch: A quick look at the world-builder himself.

1963: A look at one of Alan's previous works of world-building, the 1963 books. (coming soon)

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