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Publisher: Pyr
Release Date: 2005
Cover by John Picacio

Here, There & Everywhere is the story of Roxanne Bonaventure, a woman who at an early age is granted the ability to travel anywhere in space and time by means of a strange device called the "Sofia." With this device, Roxanne is able to travel not only through times that were and will be, but also through the worlds that could have been and might someday be.  Despite the unparalleled freedom and mobility offered by the device, though, Roxanne finds herself cut off and isolated from all of those around her, unable to make lasting, meaningful relationships with friends, family, or strangers.

Roxanne's story, then, is one of a woman attempting to find a place for herself, and to find someone with whom to share her life.  The episodic chapters of Here, There & Everywhere take the form of snapshots, brief glimpses every few years of Roxanne's life, bound together by interstitial first-person diary entries that provide continuity between the episodes. Roxanne's adventures take her from Victorian England to Ancient Egypt, from the End of Time to the birth of the Beatles.  The various chapters play with the genre conventions of science fiction, romance, adventure, detection, and more, all with an underpinning of theoretical physics.

Sample Chapters available online.


Roberson's irreverent alternate histories of the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, and H.G. Wells are a welcome stitch in the age-old time-travel tradition.
Entertainment Weekly

Clever, irreverent, and at times touching.
Matthew L. Moffett, The School Library Journal

As profound as it is irreverent, Here, There & Everywhere is an enthralling blend of science fiction, alternate history, adventure, and mystery. Reminiscent of Rudy Rucker's classic Master of Space and Time, Roberson's debut is, above all else, pure unadulterated fun.
Paul Goat Allen, The Barnes & Nobles Review

"Here, There & Everywhere" is a group of short stories melded into a single narrative. Roberson does a reasonable job of cobbling the disparate elements into a cohesive whole, giving Roxanne an overarching conflict that is eventually resolved in a satisfying manner. He also displays an infectious enthusiasm for the conventions of pulp adventure fiction and sufficient wit and skill to maneuver around their pitfalls. His book is always fun, thoughtful and clever in the way it uses the latest theories about cosmology to rationalize Roxanne's multidimensional sojourns. “Here, There & Everywhere” is an enjoyable romp by a promising new voice in science fiction.
Michael Berry, San Francisco Chronicle


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