cover by Michael Lark
Clockwork Storybook, 2001


"Roberson is obviously a fan of the style he's working in, but he's not aping. He doesn't nudge and wink his way through, tee-heeing at the conventions of the genre. He seems to revel in them. Roberson reeled me in with the concepts and the continuity, but the writing kept me there. "Cybermancy, Inc." is detailed, action-oriented fun. I'm anxious to see what other ideas Roberson can't wait to tell us about."
Joe Crowe, RevolutionSF
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Normal men and women made mind-controlled zombies by a drug from another dimension.

An ancient evil, fostered by occult Nazis scientists, unleashed to destroy the modern world.

A gallery of rogues and heroes stretching back over generations.

At the center of it all, Jon Bonaventure Carmody, the Cybermancer.

With Cybermancy, Incorporated, Roberson introduces Carmody, modern-day pulp hero and scion of two proud families, both with centuries' long histories of struggling against the forces of oppression. In two linked novellas and a series of shorts, mixing science fiction, fantasy, and adventure fiction, Carmody and his associates continue the fight begun by his ancestors in generations past.

Nazi sorcerers, lords of the jungle, super-spies and scientific detectives fill the world of Cybermancy, Incorporated, unveiling a rich tapestry of explorers and adventurers, rogues and villains, danger and intrigue.