iZombie #8 cover

The good people at Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog have posted a whole mess of covers, including the one to the forthcoming iZombie #8. Behold the awesomeness!

Purple Dragn

This week Georgia brought home a project she did a few weeks ago, in one of the first days of first grade. The kids were given writing prompts about each of the colors of the rainbow (“Red is…”, “Orange is…”, etc), and asked to draw a picture and then finish the sentence prompt to describe it. Since Georgia is all about animals, her pictures and sentences had a very zoological bent, as in her response for the color orange:

But she saved the best for last. For the color purple they either didn’t get the “Purple is…” prompt, or else Georgia decided to be a rebel and ditch it. But it was the sentence and the image illustrated that really shows where she’s at.

To translate from Georgia’s attempted spelling, that reads something like this:

What has fiery breath? What am I?
I am a purple dragon.

I like the firefighters trying in vain to put out the fire on the left (Georgia explains that they are “throwing water on the burning building, but it isn’t going to work”), and the citizen on the right running screaming in terror.

That’s my kid, y’all.

Dean Trippe’s “Spacetime’s Finest #2″

Hey, remember back in June when I posted the awesomeness that was Dean Trippe’s Spacetime’s Finest? No, then go look at it, already!

Okay, are you back now? Well, Dean has just delivered the second installment in the series, and it’s every bit as awesome as the first!


Night of the Living Trekkies

I approve.

The World’s a Hat

When I posted Malcolm Sutherland’s animated short “Umbra” the other day, I mentioned that it reminded me of something a while back. I found it yesterday, but first, a Bizarro strip that Dan Piraro posted on his blog last night that plays with the same idea.

And now the animated short I was thinking of. It’s Philip Eddolls‘s “Git Gob“, which I posted back in March of last year. When I showed it to Georgia back then, she insisted on watching it over and over and over again. When I showed it to her again yesterday, it was the same story. We must have watched it six times. And everytime is just as good as the last.

They Might Be Giants said the world is a dress, but that’s just crazy talk. Everybody knows that the world is a hat.

Everything is a Remix

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from Kirby Ferguson’s Goodie Bag (about which I’ve raved repeatedly), but evidently he’s been working on something big. Behold, the first part of a projected-four-part series, “Everything is a Remix.”

For more, check out Ferguson’s “Everything Is a Remix” site, where you can find out more about the project and even donate to keep it going.

Malcolm Sutherland’s “Umbra”

This nifty bit of perception-skewing animation is by Malcolm Sutherland, and is well worth six minutes of your time. (It reminds me of another animated short that I posted years ago to the Ramble, but I’m having trouble tracking it down. If I manage to find it I’ll post a link.)

My Influence Map

The last few weeks it seems like the entire internet has been taking part in the “Influence Map” meme started by deviantART user fox-orion. I’ve been working on my influence map for almost as long, fiddling with it here and there when I had a free moment.

I finished work a few minutes early today, and without enough time to start on the next project, I figured it was the perfect time to put the finishing touches on my influence map. And here it is. Naturally, I’m sure that as soon as I post this I’ll remember all of the things I forgot to include, but at the moment this seems a pretty accurate representation of the most persistent influences in my artistic development.

Are zombies the new vampires?

Are zombies the new vampires?

Well, according to the Hollywood Reporter, they just might be. In a new article by Jay A. Fernandez and Borys Kit, a bunch of folks (including my own humble self) sound off on the topic. Three guesses what my answer was…

Evan Shaner’s Captain Marvel

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve raved about the work of Evan “Doc” Shaner, but as good as he’s been all this time, he just keeps getting better and better.

Check out his latest contribution to the Comic Twart art blog, this time on a subject near-and-dear to my heart: Captain Marvel!

Holy Moley, indeed!

Evan is on course to be a superstar. He’s taking commissions this month, so if you’ve got any sense at all you’ll head over to his website and give him some money for an original piece of your very own!