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    Dr. Fantastic: Man of Adventure

    I thought for sure I’d posted about the custom action figures of “Sillof” before, but now I can’t find it. Who knows, maybe I didn’t. But if so, it’s high time to rectify that.

    Sillof has made his name in doing historical analogues of various familiar characters: Steampunk versions of the Avengers or the Justice League, Star Wars reimagined as a WWII-era setting, that kind of thing. Check out his site for loads of goodness.

    His most recent outing is “Pulped,” which he describes as follows:

    PULPED! is a line that attempts to redesign famous characters with a flare of the 1930/40’s adventure serials.

    All of the entries so far are gems, but my favorite has to be Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards himself, as “Dr. Fantastic: Man of Adventure,” playing on the fact that, as all right-thinking people know, Mr. Fantastic is only Doc Savage with stretchy powers.

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    Adam WarRock’s “Smashed Gordon”

    Prepare to have your asses blown. As those who follow us on Twitter know, Allison and I have gotten into the habit of livetweeting movies of, shall we say, questionable quality on weekends when we’ve had a few too many drinks. This last weekend it was Flash Gordon, which thanks to the suggestion of Paul Tobin carried the hashtag #SmashedGordon. Euge of War Rocket Ajax fame was one of those who followed along, and then the next day he got a request to write a song. And then, well, I’ll let him explain the rest of the story…

    Wow, let’s take a second to explain. The genesis of this song idea came from comic writer Chris Roberson and his wife, Allison Baker’s watching of old 80’s movies while drunk, livetweeting their night. They decided to watch Flash Gordon, and started hashtagging their tweets as #SmashedGordon (which I believe the name came from Paul Tobin if I’m not mistaken), and hilarity ensued.

    Then the next day, I was lazily tweeting about what song idea I should do next, and Sir Edgar Wright (he likes to be called that, along with cadbury eggs) issued a challenge. And well, me and Sims do a podcast called War Rocket Ajax, so it all seemed to be kismet. And then I decided to shout out Wilson, Kevin, Rusty, Curt, and Chris just for the heck of it, because they’re bros.

    Visit Euge’s site, Adam WarRock, to hear the results, or download the track (link)