Friday, February 05, 2010


The Art of Dan Christensen

I've got the Marvel Smartass blog to thank for pointing out the work of Dan Christensen, an American-born illustrator based in France. Dan has a style that's refreshingly his own, but one that occassionally reminds me of people like Seth, Andi Watson, Paul Grist, and even Jay Stephens from time to time.

Since we were discussing Green Hornet the other week, here is Dan's take on the characters, from his portfolio of Golden Age & Pulp characters.

And keeping with the <> + <> motif, here's his take on Yellow Jacket from his Superhero Alphabet (the A to Z of characters displays exceptionally good taste in superheroes, though I'd quibble that "Z" should have been Scott McCloud's Zot).

There's more great stuff at Dan's blog, including samples of some sequential stuff. Check it out.

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