Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Christmas Chronicles of Solomon Stone!

The good people at Action Age Comics have a nice little holiday treat for you.

Behold! The Christmas Chronicles of Solomon Stone: Atnas Came to Town

Merry Christmas, Action Agents! We got you an all-new comic story starring the World’s Greatest Half-Vampire Skateboard Champion Private Detective, Solomon Stone! Just click the image above for nine pages of holiday cheer from your pals at the Action Age!

And it’s truly a Christmas Miracle: our own Chris Sims wrote this story in a fit of the Christmas Spirit last week, and “Dynamite” Matt Digges stepped in for Matthew Allen Smith, Solomon Stone’s regular artist, to pencil, ink, color and letter the story in just ten days!

We hope you like it, and from Chris, Chad, Matt, Smithy, Ben, Rusty, Kate, Steve, Nathan, Andrew, Teddy, Ezra, Penny, Dr. Blake, Judah, Pete, Solomon and Minxy…

Available in a variety of online (and free) formats, it's a nice little bit of holiday cheer.

(Of course, I did have to rain on Sims's parade last week and be the kind of fanboy dick who points out that someone else got there first. But I prefer Atnas the Anti-Santa, any day.)

And Don Westlake did it before Gruenwald, and I suspect I'd find an anti-Santa in one of the pulps if I dug far enough back....
We can always count on you, Jess!
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