Thursday, September 24, 2009


Monkey Socks and Nostalgia

Well, I'm old enough to have experienced a few things that the poster here hasn't (my first television was black & white and had rabbit ears, after all), but otherwise I completely get what she's saying.
You could call it déjà vu, but that wouldn’t exactly hit the nail on the head. What we need is a word to describe “nostalgia for things we haven’t even experienced”. Things like transistor radios, soda counters, and rabbit-earred televisions. Wes Anderson is a connoisseur of this sensation. No doubt the French have ten different words for it.
And after talking a bit about the J. Peterman catalogue, which specializes in this kind of thing (like Restoration Hardware used to do, but doesn't seem to much anymore), she moves onto the item that caught my eye.
Best of all are the monkey socks. J. Peterman really killed it with this one. Rockford “red heel” socks are those iconic wearables found on the feet of Ansel Adams, John Kennedy and Albert Einstein, among others. Constructed from chocolate-brown heather with a cream border and that fire-engine heel, the Rockford socks could easily be the only pair of socks you ever wear.
I'm nearing the end of my fourth decade on this planet, and am obsessed with monkeys (the sock variety and otherwise), and yet it never occurred to me that you could wear the socks that are used to make sock monkeys...

Mmm. I may have to pick up a pair of those...

Anyway, the rest of the blog is pretty interesting, too. It's devoted to Spike Jonze's forthcoming adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, and filled with fascinating little tidbits (including the ongoing "Where the Wild Things Ought To Be" contest).

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