Friday, September 04, 2009


The Images of 9000

Sorry for the massive posts earlier today, internets. I won't do it again! Here's a little something amazing for your troubles. I have mefi poster boo_radley to thank for pointing out the mind-blowing work of 9000. A little Photoshopping, some text, and the result is truly arresting images.

Check out this one. Or this one, or this one. I think this one may be my favorite, though.

I don't know who "9000" is, but the work speaks for itself.

Mate that page is awesome... Robeson, yet again, FTW!
he is from Colombia
yes, this rocks.
This is wonderful and disturbing.

Also: your list of favourites is very different then mine, except one, and that one is my most favoutite as well as yours.
I spent most of the evening scrolling through those images. I lost count of the number of times I found a new "favorite." Just amazing stuff.
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