Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Ape Lad for the Win

Yeah, yeah, Disney is buying Marvel. The internet is awash with doom and gloom about how "evil Disney" is going to ruin Marvel, or jokey mashups of Disney characters with Marvel superheroes, and endless speculation about what this means for comics and geeks everywhere.

I think everyone should just relax a little bit. Having Disney as a corporate parent is going to "ruin" Marvel? Just like it's ruined Lost, Kill Bill, and the entire output of Pixar?

Take it down a notch, folks. Things may go south once the deal is done, granted, but the mere fact that the Mouse is involved doesn't spell doom for the Marvel Universe. (If you ask me, the more pressing question is what this does to the Pixar and Muppet licenses that Boom! has been using to such good effect the last few months.)

Of the countless (and still coming) mashups of cartoons and superheroes, Ape Lad wins the internet. Behold, Gooflactus!

Like me, though, Ape Lad isn't worried by the news, but excited. He was ahead of the curve, though. The fowl depicted in the "Ducktor Strange" he posted a few weeks ago isn't quite Donald, but it's definitely headed in that direction.

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