Monday, August 10, 2009


Tim Ollive’s 1884

Thanks to Rick Klaw (the Klaw!) for pointing out this little bit of awesome. Here's the description from the post on SlashFilm, which sets up this bit of test-footage from Tim Ollive's steampunk comedy, 1884:

Ollive is a renowned model maker and long time collaborator of Terry Gilliam’s. Way back on Life of Brian, Ollive was not only the fabricator but also one of the operators of the alien puppets seen in the space craft. I’m told he also built the neon sign that provides Gilliam’s Brazil with an opening title. Suffice to say, he has some serious skills in design, manufacture and puppeteering - all of which are shown to awesome effect in the test footage below.

Olliv’es co-screenwriter on 1884 is Dennis DeGroot, a production designer with an incredible resume that takes in most of the outstanding UK comedy of the last decade or so and, way back in the mists of time, his own experience on the FX teams of Life of Brian and Time Bandits.

I'm sold.

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