Thursday, August 06, 2009


Speaking at the San Antonio Writers Guild

Tonight I'll be speaking at the San Antonio Writers Guild about craft and process, if anyone in the area is interested in dropping by to chat.

Here are the details:
August 6, 2009 at 7:30pm
Bethany Congregational Church,
500 Pilgrim Drive in San Antonio
Speaker: Chris Roberson
Topic: "Everyone Else Is Crazy: Finding the Process that Fits"

Chris did a bang up job at the event last night. Several people commented that they would be seeing him next weekend at ArmadilloCon where he is the Publisher Guest of Honor. you should be there too.
Thanks, Scott!
Chris, is NOT crazy. I go into more detail here:

As a not-quite-beginner, not-quite-advanced writer, your revelations about your off-balance process struck me between the eyes. I've been trying out a different method for nearly every story I've written. I was pleased to learn you are doing successfully a number of the things I've been evolving toward in my own process, but have thought myself crazy for doing. The seat of your pants is good for one thing in my opinion: sitting on to write. Truly inspiring. Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading your work.
Thomas, glad you got something useful out of my unfocused rambling!
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