Wednesday, August 19, 2009


SF Reviews.Net on End of the Century

I spent all day Friday with Thomas M. Wagner in our critique group at the ArmadilloCon Writers Workshop (he and I were the two pros inflicted on five very talented new writers who came with stories in hand), and bumped into him now and again over the weekend, and the whole time I'd had no idea he just reviewed End of the Century on his review site, SFREVIEWS.NET.
More fantasy writers should have the guts to take the risks Chris Roberson takes in End of the Century. But then, more of them would need talent they don't have. Could you imagine most of today's buzz-bin "urban fantasy" superstars pulling something like this off? Not in this lifetime. Travel to the End of the Century for a glimpse of what a fearless imagination at work really looks like.
Thanks, sir! (I quite like the thought that I have an "Escheresque head," too...)


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