Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Gorilla of the Gasbags

From the blog of Sean Phillips, an image that should be familiar to pulp afficianados. (As "the one that got away...")

Seriously, if you're not reading Brubaker and Phillips's Incognito, with brilliant essays on the pulps by Jess Nevins in the back material, what the heck is wrong with you?

Incognito has been amazing thus far, and Sean Phillips just gets better and better as an artist, pulp craziness really plays to his strengths, which are considerable. Jess Nevins' articles are just icing on the cake, the latest one on Fu Manchu was brilliant, especially when paired with Lou Anders blog post from a couple of months back.
Beats me why DC couldn't just get Brubaker to reimagine Doc Savage instead of Azzarello, maybe some sort of exclusive arrangement? All I know is he'd be perfect for it.
Hey Chris,

The link to Sean's blog isn't working, it takes you (or me, at least) to the Blogger sign in page.
I like Criminal, but I love what they're doing on Incognito. But that's probably my pulp fetish showing.

And thanks for pointing out the error, Christian. I think I've got it fixed now.
Yup, it is working (though I made it over to the site already). I will have to check out Incognito, sounds cool. Though maybe after I finish reading through Cordwainer Smith ;-)
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