Friday, August 21, 2009


The Dragon Urogwm

In the wake of the monsters Pamobe and Befghis comes the latest Georgia creation, sketched on the back of an Office Depot circular while we waited for our meal at Rice Sushi & Thai. (I had the larb with beef over rice, and it was tasty.)

Behold, the dragon Urogwm.

As always, Georgia is just writing a random string of letters after finishing the picture and then asking us what it says (though as her reading skills are improving I'm wondering if she's not stacking the deck). The latest, Urogwm, has a nicely Welsh flavor to it that I find appealing.

We've hatched plans to begin work on a much larger project, mapping out the terrain of a whole planet of monsters for these creatures to call home. (She insists that there can be dinosaurs there, too, as well as monsters, and who am I to object?)

(I've also made a new label tag for these, until our other long range plans can be put into motion, so hit the "Georgia_monster" link below to see all of the creations to date.)


Georgia has a real knack for naming. Can't wait until she finds some dinosaurs to wake up.
When she starts asking where she can find R'lyeh on the map I'll get worried, but until then I'm fine with her plan to wake up sleeping behemoths.
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