Thursday, August 27, 2009


Book of Secrets update

A post this morning on the Angry Robot blog announces that the UK edition of Book of Secrets has gone back for a second printing. Which reminds me that I haven't mentioned anything here yet about the new release date for the US (and the rest of the world, for that matter). Though Book of Secrets was originally due to come out here this fall, some changes to the distribution arrangement have meant the release has been rescheduled for spring 2010. But the book will be better represented in stores than it would previously have been, it seems to me, so this is actually quite good news. For those of you who were waiting for the US release, though, I'm afraid you'll be waiting a few months more.

You mean I'm going to have to wait even longer to finally read your Angry Robot book?

Well, I guess that's OK, I just started A Game of Thrones, so maybe I'll be finished with that by then.
Hey, Meant to comment awhile back but I picked up Book of Secrets a few weeks back (from a place with free international shipping) and really enjoyed it.
For me the best part was the one I wasn't sure I'd enjoy, the Pulp Fiction interludes. It did feel like the origin story and now the regular adventures can start. Will we see "Book of Secrets II: More Books, More Secrets"?
Hey, thanks, Jeff! And I wouldn't be too surprised to see Spencer Finch on the trail of another mystery, sooner or later...
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