Friday, August 21, 2009



Remember the Astro City story about the little girl (whose fantastic family seemed vaguely familiar) who ran away from her superscience life to see what things were like for the normal kids?

Well, now we get to check in with her a decade or so later, and see what happens when she graduates from school.

Count me in.

The announcement that Kurt Busiek's Astro City was going monthly was the most exciting news to come out of SDCC last month, as far as I was concerned. It's a banner day whenever a new issue comes out, and now we'll get that kind of goodness one a month.

If you haven't read Astro City, pick up any of the trades and start reading. All of the stories and arcs are self contained, and any makes a great entry point for the world. If you're not a regular reader, you're missing out on some of the best comics of recent decades.

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