Monday, August 17, 2009


ArmadilloCon Est Mort, Vive ArmadilloCon!

Had a great time at ArmadilloCon this last weekend, and now I'm back at my desk, trying to remember how this whole "work" thing is supposed to go. You mean I'm supposed to write things?

My thanks to Kimm Antell, Renee Babcock, Jonathan Miles, and the rest of the con committee for putting on such a terrific show. Thanks to Scott Cupp for dandy toast-mastering and guest-interviewing. And I suppose I'll throw a bone to that bastard Scott Lynch with a nod of thanks from one first-time GoH to another. Yep, as I think I may have mentioned before, this was my first proper GoH gig (that's Guest of Honor for everyone who doesn't speak in connish abbreviations), and I couldn't have asked for a better first time. You were so kind, ArmadilloCon, so gentle, you held me in your arms 'till the morning light...

Erm, anyway. Looking forward to next year already. Should be fun!


Great as usual to see you at a con. Thought the panels I caught you on were great (really liked the Space Opera panel).

I didn't try and corner you in the bar though...guess I should do that next time...

You planning on being at Fencon this year?
Thanks, Howard! It was great seeing you, as well.

I'd hoped to make it to FenCon this year, but sadly I've got family obligations here in Austin that conflict. I'm hoping that ConDFW might be a possibility next February.
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