Monday, June 08, 2009


Spotted in the Wild: EotC on B&N Endcaps

The following blurry phonecam image is proof of the existence of a beast I had suspected might be purely imaginary. But no, it's real. Real, I tell you!

Yes, that's End of the Century on a Barnes & Noble endcap. And the company it's keeping is none too shabby.

This particular "Dark Fantasy" endcap is set to run through the end of June, to be cycled out July 1st. If you haven't picked up End of the Century yet, but are intrigued by all of the glowing reviews I keep posting, this would be an excellent opportunity to get a copy.

If you've already read End of the Century and want to see more books in the Bonaventure-Carmody sequence, you might encourage friends to check out the book, too--the better the sales on End of the Century, the better the chances that I'll be able to write another installment in the sequence sooner rather than later.

And should I point out that they make excellent stocking stuffers?

Just started End of the Century, it kept me up last night past my bedtime, greater praise I can't give.

Two things- Are Quince's 'Strangers' which are briefly mentioned just a cameo for a gaslight pulp group you've got kicking around in your head, or should I know them from somewhere?

And, typo-watch for 2d edition- in Blank's first chapter he refers to Alasdair as a 'rouge' and a scoundrel.
The Strangers are my own invention, but so far they've only been mentioned in passing in End of the Century a time or two (there are some hints later in the book about the origins of the organization). And yes, I've *definitely* got plans for the Strangers and for the Quince family in general.

And thanks for the typo find! I'll make a note of it.
I'm behind on my reading this year, trying to catch up with my wife on her "52 books/year" goal, and have read two stinkers in a row - and am so glad I picked yours out of the stack to break that run of bad luck. Really enjoying the Blank/Bonaventure interplay (I'm at the intro to Ghost Fox), the way you're somehow successfully evoking Doctor Who, the Avengers and the Shadow while still making it your own (or maybe I'm just reading into it my own prejudices). Anyway, very good.

And another for the typo file - pg. 115 (paperback ed.), "it belongED to my grandfather's grandfather."

I'm so glad someone's bringing pulp into the new century without destroying it or watering it down. Thanks!
Thanks for the kind words, Audie! (And for the typo hunt!)

And you're definitely not reading any influences that aren't really there. You've pretty handily worked out Blank's "genetic heritage"!
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