Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Kid Kthulu!

I have the Kirby Project to thank for pointing out the work of Thomas Perkins, a character designer who has worked on such projects as Extreme Ghostbusters, Godzilla the Animated Series, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, Men In Black the Series, The Batman, Tutenstein, and Ben 10. He's also made props for Dexter, Heroes, and Without a Trace, which I'm gathering has included doing mock-ups of old comics.

Perkins maintains two portfolio blogs (here & here), and a DeviantArt account, which is where I found the following gem.

There's loads more awesome in the links (and on this blog in particular). Check it out, won't you?

You've seen this, right?

It's by my pal Ken, and it's spiffy.
Hey Chris! Thanks for checking out and mentioning my work. Much appreciated. I shall certainly have to return the favor.
I hadn't seen that before, Jess. Thanks for the tip!
You're very welcome, Thomas! Keep up the terrific work!
Hey Chris!

If you dug this cover of The Kid, Go ahead and check these ones out, my friend. More Kid Kthulu action!




Actually, Thomas, I already blogged about those, too! Just great stuff! http://www.chrisroberson.net/2010/02/11/kid-kthulu-returns/
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