Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Good News, Everybody!

(via) It's been rumored for the last couple of days, but it appears to be official. Comedy Central has ordered a new season of Futurama.

I wish I were more excited about this. I was mostly disappointed by the recent Futurama movies, and came away feeling that Futurama, like The Simpsons, has past its prime.
I'm happy. I just watched "Bender's Big Score", the first of the movies, and laughed my tuchus off.
I'll agree with Ted that while I enjoyed the movies to some degree, they haven't proved as good in general as the original series. But I think that may have been because the multiple-act long-form structure didn't really play to the show's strengths. I'm cautiously optimistic that they'll be back in fighting trim at 22 minutes.
I agree as well that the movies weren't as good as the series. It didn't seem as if they sold that well, though I bought all of them, so I was pleasantly surprised by this news.
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