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I have seen Star Trek

I just got back from seeing the new Star Trek, and it was freaking awesome. A near-perfect movie (with only one wobbly scene that existed solely to advance the plot, which I can forgive because they did it with panache), and perfectly cued for neophytes and lifelong fans alike. I can't wait to go see it again.

If you love Trek, go see it. If you've always hated Trek before now, go see it--you won't hate it anymore...

With Rick Klaw's (and now your) props, I'm willing to set aside any reservations I had (and there were many) about watching the new Trek. Honestly, I have not been this excited about a movie in a long, long time.
I have yet to hear a bad review. And the good reviews coming in are as varied as Wil Wheaton, Robert J Sawyer, Andy Diggle, Paul McAuley, Chris here... So far EVERYONE loves this film. Excited.
Heard some early reports -- sounds awesome.
Agreed. This is one awesome movie. Very smart, intelligent, pure fun! Exactly how a 21 century Star Trek should be. The fact that JJ didn't have lot's of respect to the original was a big plus in rebooting this franchise. I'm hoping this will be a hit, as I do want to see more squeals for this particular ST. The only complaint I have (apart from that scene you talked about, and yes, I can see why it was there) is that Simon Pegg didn't have enough screen time. This is how you take an old franchise and revive it in a way that is also true to it's original nature but updated intelligently to our times. In it's kind: almost perfect.

And just as you: already planning to see it once again.
Hey, is that a bandwagon I see? Let me jump on! I saw it this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't think they could have done a better "reboot". One of my favorite little nods was the "red shirt" on the space drop. Star Trek is fun again! Woohoo!
Not surprisingly, I agree. However, there are some negative reviews out there from the percentage of fans who like to complain about the helicopters not flying high enough in the American Godzilla movie (as if THAT was the problem with that film). They all, to a person, like to add, "oh, and I hate that my beloved adventures are gone forever now." I dunno. I got my series on DVD and I can watch Shatner make a ham sandwich whenever I want. But I digress.

Me and Cathy have watched it about four times now, and it's spot-on. How about Karl Urban? Did ANYONE think he had it in him? He's my pick for best-in-show.
Karl Urban was great, but only in 2nd place for my pick of Best in Show. Simon Pegg simply rocked. But I'm a big fan of him even before I ever knew he was connected with this project.
Wow...I feel different...I just thought the plot holes are too big. Did the characters really act like adults? Kirk gets into a fist fight on the bridge because he doesn't get his way, and then Spock shoots him out the airlock?
I didn't mind Kirk getting into a fistfight when he lost the argument, since he's literally an angry young hothead. But you're absolutley right that the "shoot the first officer out the airlock" was wonky, and sets up the scene I mentioned that exists only to advance the plot. That said, after watching it twice and thinking about it all weekend I couldn't come up with another way to get "Spock Prime" and Kirk together without throwing the rest of the plot completely off the rails. So I chalk it up to Young Spock being "emotionally compromised" and making a pretty goofy call, jettisoning a loose cannon and signaling the nearest Federation outpost to pick him up (a signal that Mr. Scott appears not to have received, of course). But they handle it with panache, tossing in an unnecessary but envigorating chase-with-monsters scene to patch over the seams.
Pay no attention to the hand-waving! Pay no attention to the hand-waving! Oh, look--the plot has advanced!

I, too, got a kick out of this film, but as was mentioned above, I found some of the plot holes too jarring to fall utterly in love with it. For some reason it kept reminding me of Undiscovered Country, and it wasn't just Kirk being exiled on an ice planet. Of course, I like Undiscovered Country a great deal, so that's not bad company...
Oh, I think it's better than a lot of the previous movies (Final Frontier, Nemisis, Insurrection and Generations) but just thought there wasn't enough thought put into the plot (too wonky on "lets put cadets on the ships for this emergency" and other things)

I guess I'm a bit puzzled over the wonderful reviews it's, I don't want to the angry old man, lol...
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