Thursday, May 28, 2009


Buckaroo Banzai in “Supersize Those Fries!”

Bless the good folks at SFSignal. Without them, I'd never have known that (a) Star Trek production designer Doug Drexler had a blog, (b) there was a proposed Buckaroo Banzai TV show in development a few years back (the pilot was apparently titled "Supersize Those Fries!"), or that (c) Drexler and the rest of the Trek design team did some development work on it. Put those three great tastes together and you get a whole mess of Buckaroo Banzai development images.

Here's the design for the Banzai Institute West, built into an abandoned missile silo, and designed by Doug Drexler. (Drexler talks about the concept in a bit more detail here.)

Here, have some mockup album covers by Jimmy Vanover Sr. for “The Hong Kong Cavaliers”.

How about a Drexler sketch of Emilio Lizardo in his new "potato tech"?

There's more in the link. And when you get done with that, read more about the Trek-Banzai connections. (Did you know that Denise Okuda did publicitity for the original film, including answering fan mail, representing BB at SF conventions, and working on the Banzai newsletter? Neither did I until just now.)

We aim to please!

I think "What makes my potato tick!" will be my new battle cry.
The whole Lizardo-Potato plot thing was finally revealed when Moonstone Books released "Return of the Screw" by Earl Mac Rauch, in comic book form (3 issues, now available as a trade paperback).

They're continuing with Rauch and producing new Banzai comics, too.
Thanks for the tip, GM! I'll have to hunt down a copy.
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