Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Red Rook Review on Set the Seas on Fire

Dallas-based novelist and poet Keith Harvey writes to let me know that he's started a new book review blog, Red Rook Review, and that the topic of his first review is my own Set the Seas on Fire. It's a terrific and insightful piece. As I told Keith by email, it's not every reviewer that can detect not only the influence of Michael Moorcock and Robert E. Howard, but also that of Jorge Luis Borges and Paul Auster.


The way I look at it and how I explain it to others is that, intentionally or not, you are a very subtle writer. That might sound, incongruous with your pulp sci fi roots but, that's exactly the point. Reading Paragaea and End of the Century I see so much going on wrapped in the frame of adventure fiction, written in such clear and uncluttered prose. Sophisticated simplicity is one, probably terrible, way to describe it.
Aw, shucks. Thanks, Greg! And "sophisticated simplicity" isn't a bad label to have at all, I think!
Glad you like it then, and I am glad to see you getting more notice with time, your work really is worthy of it.
I'll have to email you soon with what I thought of Cybermancy, Inc., but I might hold off until I've reread the "Secret Histories" section and have finished Paragaea, which has been a very swell book thus far.
Thanks again, Greg!
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