Thursday, April 02, 2009



In a few short hours I'll be flying out to Chicago, where I'll be appearing this weekend as one of the Guests of Honor at Adepticon 2009, along with fellow Black Library author Gav Thorpe. If you're in the Lombard area this weekend, stop by the Westin and say howdy, won't you?

Hope your flight back was uneventful. You're missing some lovely snow.
We managed to catch an earlier flight (albeit one that had a brief--*very* brief--stop in Dallas), and got back to Austin a couple of hours sooner than expected. No snow for us, I'm afraid!

Great seeing you, btw!
Yeah, you too! Hope your daughter wasn't too traumatized by your missing her recital thing.
Nah, she had a grand time with my folks. (Though we *did* learn over the weekend that my mother wasn't clear on the difference between "REC" and "PLAY" on our video camera... we ended up with seventeen blank minutes of tape instead of the song and dance number Georgia's been practicing.)
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