Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Solaris Books

I see that the official press release about Games Workshop putting Solaris up for sale has started making the rounds, so I figured I'd post a quick word about it here. I've had nothing but good experiences working with the Solaris crew these past few years, from Marco and George to Christian and Mark and all the rest. I would say that I'm sorry not to be working with them again, but in actual fact I'll be continuing to work with all of them in one way or another (even Marco, though I don't think I'm supposed to say anything about that just yet). I'm up to my elbows writing Sons of Dorn for Black Library, and had a nice chat with George on Monday about a few other Warhammer 40K projects on the horizon, so I don't think I'll have seen the end of those guys any time soon.

It does mean that the projected third Celestial Empire novel from Solaris has fallen between the cracks, not yet under contract and too far out in the schedule to be addressed in the short term. So it may be a while yet before the world sees another Celestial Empire novel from me. But don't worry, world! I've got loads of other irons in the fire, and with any luck I'll have some good news for you in the next little while.

In any event, I want to thank the whole Solaris crew for a terrific few years. Nice work, gents!

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