Friday, March 13, 2009


Moore on Creative Uncertainty

Last night I dug up an Alan Moore quote that I often cite as an inspiration of mine for Lou Anders (who will no doubt use it for evil), and having typed it up I figured I might as well share it here.

This is from Moore's afterword to the 2003 reprint by Avatar Press of a long essay he'd written in 1985, "Alan Moore's Writing for Comics." It's worth hunting down a copy, as there's a lot of great stuff in there that has application to all creative endeavors, beyond the nuts-and-bolts advice on comic scripting.
"It is much more exciting and thus creatively energizing if you are attempting something where you are uncertain of its outcome, where you don't know if it will work or not. And this is only the beginning. Eventually, increasingly confident of your talents to make a workable story out of most anything, you will come to regard being merely unsure of a work's outcome as far too facile an approach. Instead, you may graduate to only attempting works which you privately suspect to be impossible. This is no bad thing, and if rigorously applied would weed out a great many dull and repetitive creators from the world while at the same time increasing the world's relatively meager cache of genuine unexpected marvels."

Evil coming soon!
Thanks for unearthing that quote, it becomes more relevant every day!
It's worth hunting down the essay if you haven't read the whole thing, Jeff. Some really terrific stuff in there.
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