Wednesday, March 18, 2009



Last week, Georgia was kept home from school all week by a bug of some kind that left her with a low-grade fever, no energy, and a cough. With the help of some antibiotics to wipe out a secondary infection over the weekend, she was fit as a fiddle by Monday and ready to go back to school... by which point *I* had caught the same bug and was left unable to do much more than lay on the floor coughing, moaning feverishly and watching cartoons. Allison has been on the verge of catching the bug but so far has escaped the worst of it, basically left feeling like crap but still able to function. I'm at about 80% well this morning, so will be trying to get in harness and back to work on Sons of Dorn, but we'll see if that's being overly optimistic.

Being sick sucks, by the way.

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