Friday, March 27, 2009


Bookgasm on End of the Century

Rod Lott has reviewed End of the Century for Bookgasm and seems to have liked it.

Roberson’s imagination is in full force, and the results are magical, although a tad too epic. He deserves praise for being able to keep each section true to its genre without having the novel feel schizophrenic. He tells three separate stories so winningly that you won’t care — for the most part, at least — that they have yet to merge.

As usual, I feel like END OF THE CENTURY veers toward seeming endless as the third act progresses, but that’s a problem with many books (and movies, and it should be noted that I’d love to see one made from this). Roberson is an underrated name in the field of fantasy and science fiction; this effort was no easy undertaking, but it’s ingenious and spirited, and he pulls through with his head held high.


Interesting reveiw...

I just finished it night beore last, and really enjoyed it. It might be my favorite of yours so far (Paragea is more fun, but slight...)
Thanks, Howard! To be honest, it's my favorite of my books to date, as well.
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