Monday, March 09, 2009


Angry Robot Books

Angry Robot, a new imprint from HarperCollins dedicated "to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and everything inbetween," has just launched their official site and announced their first titles.

The site lists four titles coming out in the first couple of months (August and September in the UK, September and October in the US and elsewhere). And this one in particular looks strangely familiar...
Chris Roberson

Reporter Spencer Finch is embroiled in the hunt for a missing book, encountering along the way cat burglars and mobsters, hackers and monks. At the same time, he’s trying to make sense of the legacy left him by his late grandfather, a chest of what appear to be magazines from the golden age of pulp fiction, and even earlier.

Following his nose, Finch gradually uncovers a mystery involving a lost Greek play, secret societies, generations of masked vigilantes… and an entire secret history of mankind.

This tremendous modern fantasy is like The Da Vinci Code rewritten by the Coen Brothers. Already critically acclaimed worldwide for both his SF and fantasy series, Chris Roberson is at the very height of his powers. A lost classic, originally self-published by Chris as Voices of Thunder back in 2001, this revised, definitive edition, from the author’s preferred text, is published for the mass-market for the very first time.

More info in the links above. This is shaping up to be a strong lineup, and I'm pleased to be a part of it.

Congratulations ot both Angry Robot and yourself. It does sound like a decent line up of books. Reading the description makes me want to read Book of Secrets even more.
On that note, I picked up End of the Century last week and am very impressed so far.Hope all is well.
This made me think of Brad Meltzer's Book of Life. Now that I have End of the Century, I have something else to look forward to!
A very strong lineup indeed. Congratulations!
Congratulations, and thanks for the linkage. The Da Vinci Code rewritten by the Coen Brothers.

Congrats! Looking forward to it, though I'm in the middle of End of the Century now - good so far!
Congrats!...though I have a copy of "Voices of Thunder", i'm looking forward to this much has changed in this version?
Thanks, everybody! I hope End of the Century doesn't disappoint!

And Howard, the story here is substantially the same as Voices of Thunder, and if you've read one you'll not encounter many surprises in the new version. That said, the writing throughout has been tweaked and revised, and several sections have been substantially rewritten.
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