Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sons of Dorn

My masters at Black Library have posted the cover to my next Warhammer 40K novel, Sons of Dorn, which is apparently due out in January 2010. I'm actually up to my elbows in writing the thing at the moment, so I hope the insides live up to this kick-ass cover.

If you're rusty on your Warhammer 40K, I'll point out that this gentleman on the cover is a Scout, not a full Space Marine, which you can tell because he's wearing Scout Armor. The coloration and markings make clear that he belongs to the Imperial Fists Chapter (as if the "An Imperial Fists Novel" didn't clue you in). If I recall correctly, this will be the first novel to focus solely on the Chapter since Ian Watson's Space Marine, published back in 1993, though Imperial Fists have cropped up as supporting characters in any number of novels and stories since then.

Before starting work on the novel, I wrote a short story featuring the three main protagonists, whom we follow through their recruitment by the Chapter through the early missions as Scouts. The story, "Gauntlet Run," appears in the forthcoming anthology Heroes of the Space Marines, and takes place inbetween chapters right in the middle of Sons of Dorn. And hey, look at that, there's an Imperial Fist on the cover of that one, too.

That, by the way, is a Space Marine, a full-blown Battle Brother of the Astartes. Big fellas, aren't they?

UPDATE: I completely spaced yesterday, and forgot to mention the man behind that awesome cover illustration. It's Hardy Fowler. Sorry for the oversight, Hardy! Terrific Work!

Very interesting Chris! Should I presume from what you said that you got a bit of inspiration from Ian Watson's book "Space Marine"? (Which is fantastic by the way). I'm sure that you'll do a pretty good job too. Hope that it is very grim and dark...
I was lucky enough to borrow a copy of Watson's Space Marine, and have reread it a couple of times, studying it closely and taking copious notes. Tonally this will be a different sort of story, but yes, definitely an inspiration and influence. (Ironically, though, I had worked out that there would be three main protagonists who we would follow from recruitment through their transformation into Astartes before we'd settled on the Imperial Fists as the Chapter I'd be writing about. When I started digging into the history of the Imperial Fists, and discovered Watson had used a similar structure in Space Marine, I figured it had to be fate.)

And it's Warhammer 40K. How could it not be grim and dark...?
Very nice! Good luck but I don't think you need it...
I'll try not to disappoint!

I have been playing Imperial Fists without pause for 16 years now and am very excited to hear and see this novel in the stages of being written. Slowly but surely the Fists are getting their long due time in the spotlight. Good luck on this mighty task and I look forward to reading the novel when it is released.

( aka Jestephero, Imperial Fists Chaplain :D)
Thanks, Jess! I'll try hard not to disappoint!

The Imperial Fists i'd say are my favourite space marine chapter (not sure why)so i was disappointed that there aren't really any available novels on them.

I'm really looking forward to this
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