Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Paul Grist's Big Cosmic Comic

Holy cow! I've just learned (thanks to the Robot 6 blog), that Paul Grist is serializing a work-in-progress on Facebook. Described as "The continuing adventures of the Eternal Warrior," naturally featuring the Eternal Warrior character from Jack Staff (an analog of Adam Eterno, by the by, and not Elric as some Moorcock fans have assumed). Grist has set it up as a Facebook Discussion Group, posting the pages a few of the time as photos, and anyone with a Facebook account can join the group.

Now, as I've told you and told you, and told you, and told you (and told you and told you) before, Jack Staff is the best superhero comic on the market today, and that everyone who doesn't hate goodness owes it to themselves to pick it up. If you haven't tried it yet, and you're on Facebook, here's your chance to sample a little Jack Staff-esque goodness for free.

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