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More Myriad Worlds of Me

Tor.com has posted the second of Lou Anders's two-part overview of my writing, this one entitled "The Myriad Worlds of Chris Roberson: the Bonaventure-Carmody universe." This one focuses on the Bonaventure-Carmody stories, naturally, along with my franchise work.

Lou also reveals the "secret" that the Celestial Empire hooks up with Bonaventure-Carmody stories in sneaky ways. There's a fairly obvious appearance by visitors from the Celestial Empire in one of the Bonventure-Carmody crosstime stories, which a few readers noticed right away, but I don't know that anyone has caught the time that Roxanne Bonaventure went slumming in the Celestial Empire without me pointing it out to them first. Did any of you nice people notice Roxanne hiding in the background of a CE story?

Roxanne is in a CE story? Which story and where?
Well, if I just told you, it wouldn't be sneaky, would it?

(If no one gets it in a while, I'll reveal the secret.)
Oh and this only confirms my comment to you a week or so ago about the comparisons to Moorcock.

I don't recall where the CE characters show up in in the B-C universe though.
I think I need a better name for the Bonaventure-Carmody universe (if for no other reason than I've started writing stories set in that universe that *don't* feature a Bonaventure or a Carmody).
Well, what about a variation on the name Lou gave your stuff in the TOR post--

The Myriad?, or The Myriad Universe.

Or, although its possibly a bit ungainly, The Myriadverse
It's a good suggestion, and one I've considered. (In fact, one of the topic headings in my worldbuilding wiki is simply "The Myriad," and covers all of the crosstime stuff.) I've about decided that it's a little too big of a bucket, though. I'm really looking for a name for the "pulpish science fiction Earth (which is almost but not quite identical to our own) in which the adventures of the Bonaventure and Carmody families (and related characters) take place." The Myriad almost works as an identifying tag, since my particular flavor of multiverse is central to most of the B-C stories, but in the larger sense *all* of my stories fit into the Myriad somewhere. It's really the interconnecting continuity of the worldline featured in Set the Seas on Fire, End of the Century, Book of Secrets, etc (and from which the characters in Paragaea hail, along with Roxanne herself) that I want to specify. In comic book terms, it would be the equivalent of DC's Earth-1 (in the halcyon days before Crisis) or Marvel's Marvel Universe.

I really spend way more time worrying about stuff like this than I should (especially when I should be working...).
I really spend way more time worrying about stuff like this than I should (especially when I should be working...).

And that, unfortunately, reminds me of this brouhaha over the Game of Thrones novels and GRRM's impatient fans. (Disclaimer: I am a fan, but having friends, acquaintances and contacts in the SF writing community, I am sympathetic to Martin rather than the "give us the next book now!" crowd)
I'm pretty much with Stross and Scalzi, in terms of their response to the whole thing.
There are precious few writers who can afford to mimic Flaubert explicitly, no matter what fans might think!
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