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TV's Sci-Fi and Superhero Characters - Now in Color!

Remember Dusty Abell? A couple of years ago I shared his amazing group portrait of Classic Seventies Action Figures, and early last year linked to his portrait of Saturday Morning Action/Adventure Television Characters. Last month I shared "stage one" of his latest work in progress, TV's Sci-Fi and Superhero Characters, when it was still mostly black-and-white. Now he's posted the full color version of it to his deviantART gallery, and it's a thing to behold.

To my shame, there's one or two characters here I don't recognize (but I did get Richard Benjamin as Quark, which Abell considers the most obscure character of the bunch). How many of these do you nice people recognize?

Not enough :)
If I was a real geeky fanboy who mitpicked I would point out that The Greatest American Hero was aired in the 1980's. Good thing that I m not that way though!

The ones I dont know but probably shoud:
1. Ship in top Left corner.
2. Man between Logan and Jamie Summers.
3. The Ship between the BSG shuttle and BSG viper along the top edge.
Okay, more seriously

Wonder Woman, Starbuck and Apollo with a Cylon (and Lucifer!) from BSG, the 4th Doctor with Leela and a Dalek, Col Deering, Twiki, and Buck Rogers, Mork, Spidey, The Greatest American Hero, an Ape from Planet of the Apes, the Hulk...
Man from Atlantis
Bionic Man
Killer Robot from Dr Who
Imperious Leader
Giant Robot from Dr Who
Bionic Dog
Wonder Woman (from the Pilot)
Captain America
David BAnner
ship from Land of the giants
Commander John Koenig and Maya
Oooo, Maya! That was one of the ones I couldn't get. Thanks!
Do you have any clue who the guy next to the TARDIS is?
I thought he looked like Illya Kuryakin in different duds, and I was right! The "KLAE" on his breast-pocket was the clue. I have only the vaguest memories of seeing "The Invisible Man" starring David McCallum, in which he played a scientist for the KLAE corporation who accidentally turns himself invisible. Created by Harve Bennett and Steven Bochco, of all people!
Here are the opening credits of "The Invisible Man," if anyone needs a memory jog. I know *I* did!
Man it's Ducky! How did I miss that one. I remember seeing that show!
Spaceships: What is the one between the Cylon base and the UFO (above the UFO Interceptor)? Is that what you called the shuttle from BSG?

Buck Rogers
SID (Space Intruder Detector) from UFO
Battle of the Planets
Viper from BSC
Eagle, Space:1999
Cylon base
UFO Interceptor
BSG Viper
Buck Rogers
Cylon base
Spindrift, from Land of the Giants

Frank Wu
Yeah that would be the BSG Shuttle craft.
the 4th spacecraft from the left (with the 2 boxy pods/landing gear on either side) is from the V tv show
This drawing is awesome, but sadly lacking the crew of Blake's 7, Professor Quatermass, or the Tomorrow People.
The 4th spacecraft from the left is actually an Eagle from "Space 1999", not from "V".
Nope. 4th from the left is an eagle from space 1999. V was from the 1980's
This is really cool, however where is Isis, or Jackson Bostwick's and John Davey's Captain Marvel. And what about Ark II??
Jeff, I think you'll find what you're looking for here, in Abell's "Saturday Morning Action/Adventure Television Characters" portrait.
Hey there Chris, thanks for another awesome feature on one of my pieces, I really am happy to know you're enjoying them, the comments here and over on the bad astronomy and io9 sites have been a blast to read! Good call on the Invisible Man too, KLAE id badge, good eyes my friend!
Next up is cops and detectives from 70's movies and television-Dirty Harry, Barretta, Starsky and Hutch, SWAT, Adam-12, Jack Lord, Rockfish, get the idea!
Thanks again and best for now, Dusty Abell!
Can't wait to see it, Dusty!
Nice work...

One bit of whining, though...


I'd love to see a poster like this of the 1960s sci-fi TV shows.A much more creative and escapism than the 70s.
Star Trek,Lost in Space,Time Tunnel,
Land of the Giants,Thunderbirds,Captain Scarlet,
The Invaders,Outer Limits,Twight Zone,Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Batman,Green Hornet.I could go on and on.But you get the Idea.So many characters and vehicles.For the 70s
Chris forgot Ark2,Space Academy,
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