Thursday, January 29, 2009


Three Unbroken

I am informed by reliable sources that the new Celestial Empire novel, Three Unbroken, is now available. It's shipping from Amazon, and should be in brick & mortar stores any day now, if it isn't already.

The first two-thirds of the book are still available for free on the Solaris site, if you want to sample the book before taking the plunge. Come on, what do you have to lose?

Meanwhile, my masters at Pyr inform me that End of the Century has shipped from the printer, and should be available from Amazon and finer bookstores everywhere in another week or two.

Come on, what do you have to lose?

Well, you can lose yourself in what is undoubtedly a good book, which I now need to pick up so that I can finish the story! (
Yeah, sorry about that! At some point after I turned the novel in Solaris decided to treat the online serialization as a teaser ("Like this? Buy the book!") more than a complete online publication. Anecdotally most of the readers I talked to about it had already decided to leave off reading and wait for the print edition anyway. But anyone who was reading along and got left in the lurch has my apologies!
Amazon delivered mine last week, and I finished it over the weekend.

A nice addition to the future history, if a bit of a "mosaic" novel given the three characters.
Thanks, Howard!
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