Friday, January 23, 2009


SCI FI Wire on End of the Century

Cynthia Ward has reviewed End of the Century for SCI FI Wire, and while she has some reservations, the review is the kind of thing that would definitely interest a reader like me in picking up the book.
Chris Roberson's latest novel proves that he's the Secret History go-to guy for the 21st century.

In End of the Century (Pyr, $15), he reveals the connections we never imagined between King Arthur and Alice in Wonderland, David Bowie and Jack the Ripper, swords and physics. To these elements, Roberson adds time travel, gaslight detection, Moorcockian extended families and temporal adventuresses, occult government research, cutting-edge scientific speculation and a sinister conspiracy that reaches to the end of time—and he braids everything together in three clever converging plots.


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