Monday, January 19, 2009


Monday Linkage

Happy Monday, everybody! Allison is in D.C. for the inauguration, and spent last night hobnobbing at the Biden Family Party. I spent Sunday with Georgia making robots out of K'Nex parts, and then drank too much wine watching old Filmation cartoons and the new SNL after she'd gone to bed. So really, party with Joe Biden and Bill Clinton or K'Nex robots, wine, and Blackstar--which is really more glamorous?

Here's the list of things of interest I've noted on the web since the last linkage roundup.
So how about all you nice people? How did you spend your weekend?

Was sick most of the weekend, still haven't watched the return of BSG, but since you are doing linkage I wanted to spread some joy I found recently:

A cool site that had indy artists doing reworks of well know covers. Only 5 or so up now, but Hembeck's is awesome, as is the Meltdown one posted today.
I haven't worked up the will to watch the new BSG yet myself. It just sits there on the Tivo, taunting me with its potential awfulness.

And thanks for the tip on the cover site!
On Saturday, wrote up variations of Yellow Perils for this game I'm writing (the "White Peril," the anti-Black Indian Peril of South Africa during the 1930s, etc). On Sunday, went to a family reunion on the beach and watched my cousin Ted charm my wife *and* baby, which is just unfair. And today, bought a new couch and am writing the history of a fictional pulp.

You know. The usual.

(BSG: not as bad as it could have been).
Cousin Ted may be charming, Jess, but I'm guessing he couldn't write the history of a fictional pulp.
No, but he's a game warden at Yellowstone, so by default he's more manly than I am.

And he's outrun a bear.
I don't know, Jess. Wouldn't the truly manly thing be to turn and fight the bear?
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