Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Janelle Monáe's "Many Moons"

I've got Chris Bird at Mightygodking.com to thank for this. YouTube has it as
The Uncut version of the short film
Directed by Alan Ferguson and The Wondaland Arts Society, "Many Moons."

You might want to fullscreen this one, y'all.

Here's what Chris said about it in his post:
I trust that was self-explanatory, but if it wasn’t - that blend of nu-funk, futuristic soul and utter batshit craziness (it’s a concept album! Set in 2719!) is like what I think Legion of Super-Heroes should be if it were transposed into musical form. And she’s an obvious music nerd. Any other P.Diddy “discovery” diva-lite would want to be all pretty and sexified in their debut video. She wants to be Robot James Brown. How awesome is that?
I've got nothing to add to that but Wow.

This is the best SFnal music video I've seen in a long time. Wow indeed.
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