Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Idle Thought

I am simple, and my brain works along comic book/pulp/sf lines in all circumstances. So imagine what happens in my brain when I come across an article this morning with the following headline: DR Congo gorilla numbers up 12.5%.

The slugline immediately clears up my first impression--"The population of mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park has risen by 12.5%, a census shows."--but by then it's too late. In my fevered brain there already spins speculation about a supervillain named Doctor Congo who has managed to increase the number of gorilla henchmen on his staff...

Dr. Congo would either need to have a hell of a lot of them, or have a real thing for accuracy. Actually, having done the maths, assuming no half gorillas, he'd need eight, increasing it to nine. But that'd still be a very pernickety way of putting it. Yes, I have finished work for the day, why do you ask?
Oh Lord, I saw it too, my eyes drawn to the bold print before I read it. I can see the newspaper now. "Latest estimates by the Office of Secret Services place the strength of Dr. Congo's gorilla henchmen at 12.5% above previous estimates. No word from the OSS or the White House about what, if any, action is to be taken. As many know, Dr. Congo is the archenemy of the famed science adventurer Doc Roberson...."
Okay, I'll stop now.
I think the half gorilla is probably a cyborg. With brass cogs and a servo claw in place of a hand. Oh, and a revolver, just for good measure.

Mmmmm, gun-toting steampunk cyborg gorillas...
Sounds like someone's hung out their shingle in Gorilla City, Chris!

(Unruly brain now provides Ookla the Mok's "Gorilla City" lyrics. AArgh!)
I miss Gorilla City. Sadly it doesn't seem to have much of a place in the current DCU.
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