Monday, January 19, 2009


BookSpot Central on Escape from Hell!

Brian Lindenmuth has reviewed Hal Duncan's Escape from Hell! as part of his regular column "The Electric Mayhem" on BookSpot Central, and seems to have liked it.
Escape From Hell! is like a John Carpenter/Walter Hill late 70’s-early 80’s movie in book form. If you understand the references then you get it right off. I mean if the bridge scene doesn’t take you back to Escape from New York then nothing will. The action is ramped up to insane levels, and it just keeps pumping forward at a relentless pace.

If you like stripped down narritives then the length of the book becomes a strength because there isn’t space for long expository passages that explain the mechanics of Duncan’s version of hell. We become immersed in the various levels of Hell at a break neck speed as our four main characters do. It’s a tricky thing to do, describing a world while keeping the reader on the run, but this as good an example as I’ve seen.

Points to BookSpot Central, too, for using the actual cover for the book, and not the "catalog draft" solicitation copy that seems to pop up everywhere else.

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