Friday, January 30, 2009


Best SF on We Think, Therefore We Are

Best SF Reviews has posted their full review of Pete Crowther's We Think, Therefore We Are, which came out earlier this month, and is the latest of Crowther's themed anthologies for Daw. The theme this time around was artificial intelligence, and here's what the reviewer had to say about my contribution to the anthology, "Dragon King of the Eastern Sea."
In Roberson's 'Celestial Empire' setting, he also provides a neat alternative to Asimovs Three Laws, as the spaceship AI which has got stuck in an infinite loop has to work within the confines of The Three Governing Virtues of Machine Intelligence.

Summoned from slumber, the Chief Operator finds not only the AI not working, the ship thus in imminent danger, but the death of a crewmate. He has to work out what is wrong with the AI, which is simply spouting historical texts, and work out whether the death was an accident as thought.

Yep, it's another Celestial Empire story. I just keep writing the damned things, don't I?


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