Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Geek Monthly on End of the Century

The good folks at Geek Monthly have reviewed End of the Century in their January 2009 issue (that's the one with Janeane Garofalo on the front cover, if you're interested), and this is what they have to say:
“What do a soldier from the 6th century, a sleuth from the 19th century and an American teenager in 1999 all have in common? They are all characters in Chris Roberson’s ambitious quest for the Holy Grail that intermingles all three ages to truly entertaining effect.”
Geek Monthly appears to do relatively few book reviews, so I'm really jazzed they covered the book. And considering that in this issue there are only reviews for new comics by Jaime Hernandez, Neil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell, and Tom Neely, and novels by Jonathan Carroll and little old me, I'm delighted to be included in such a lineup of heavyhitters.

Update: Allison insists I'm a dope for not sharing a scan of the review, so here it is.


I'm looking forward to it!
Hope it doesn't disappoint, Justin!
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