Thursday, December 18, 2008


The Custom Toys of Bruce Ross

I've got Eric Orchard to thank for pointing out the work of Bruce Ross. Ross makes custom toys, action figures, and such, and you have to see his work to believe it.

Look at this pair, Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tars Tarkas and John Carter:

And check out the detail work on this figure of Dave Stevens's Rocketeer:

It's in the rear view that you can really see the care he took with this:

This Lord Chamberlain from Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, though? Uncanny.

Wow, those are pretty groovy, I'm not gonna lie. I'd just love a set of pulp and adventure characters to play with, I mean,um, to put on display. Um, yest that's what I meant.
There is a company doing some figures like that, I forget the name but they are doing a Dick Tracy and Lone Ranger figure for sure, so I'm you know, excited about the display potential there. Yup, really nice displays. Ahem.
Greg, if you remember what company is doing those figures, be sure to let me know! I don't normally buy the things these days, but for a good Lone Ranger I might be willing to make an exception.
And now we have you to thank for pointing them out to us.
I suppose you do, Orrin. In which case, you're very welcome!
Okay, found what I was looking for and though I didn't see a Lone Ranger, there is one mentioned on the site, however, the second series does have Jack Staff in it, but I'm sure you don't care about that at all.... The website is

Have fun!
Thanks for the tip, Greg!

Looks like some good pulp figures are coming from Ruben Procopio's Masked Avenger studios:

Also Michael Hudson's Reel Art Studios:


I'm a huge admirer of Procopio's work, but I don't think I'd seen Hudson's stuff before. Thanks for the tip, Win!
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