Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Race to Witch Mountain


I have very fond memories of the original two "Witch Mountain" flicks Disney did in the 70s. I've returned to the idea of a twin boy and girl with powers on the run from dark forces time and again, though I've always abandoned those projects before they made it out of the development stages. (Which is one way of saying that, if you should come across the idea in one of my stories sooner or later, you'll know where I've stolen it from.)

I don't mind at all the idea of reviving the concept as a 21st century franchise. I am, though, a little concerned that the focus here appears to be on the adults, not the runaway kids. That could just be the way the trailer is cut, and the actual film might have the boy and girl as the principal POVs. But at the outset, it's looking like a red flag to me.

But come on, psychic kids on the run from the government? That's a tough idea to get wrong.

Here, as an added bonus, is the opening credits for the original Escape to Witch Mountain, which is surprisingly atmospheric for a low-budget mid-seventies children's flick.

Wow, that brings lost childhood memories into play. I remember seeing one of the two original movies (guess it was the first) in the local (and only) Drive-In theater we had in Tel Aviv during the 70's. I don't remember much of the movie, but I do remember my parents taking me to see it and it looked very impressive on the huge Drive-In screen.

One thing, though: in the original movie(s), the children were also aliens, or is it a thing that was added just for the new one?
Hmmm...I suspect this will be crap...it looks like a lot of sound and fury...but we'll see.

I remember only the first movie; I don't think I ever saw the sequel
Chris, I see your point about the emphasis on the adults in "Race." I don't know if it's a deal-breaker, but I'm also bothered by the idea that the kids seem to be on Earth alone, which isn't the way the original works at all.
Yep, Rani, the two kids were definitely aliens in the original.
Howard, the sequel is far inferior to the original. I don't think you really missed anything.
I suppose it remains to be seen, Bill, but yeah, they definitely seem to have shifted the focus considerably in this remake.
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