Monday, November 17, 2008


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Though he has cautioned me before, and I quote, "do not presume to understand [his] feelings" on matters related to Batman, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Lou Anders will hate this show.

Me? I love it. Batman as a full-on science fictional hero, complete with a lightsaber hidden in his utility belt, jetpacking from the surface of the Earth into orbit, only to fall into a wormhole that throws him to the far side of the galaxy where he has to save cute little aliens from Kanjar Ro, the Slaver of Space. What's not to love?!

Here's a clip from the premier episode, which aired last Friday.

More, please!

Loving it so far, and looking forward to more. Thing is, it is clearly for kids - and I can't wait to show it to my own child when he's just a few years older. The 60s vibe/music helps distinguish it as belonging to another era, and I like it for the same reasons I can't wait for the 60s Adam West series to hit DVD.

What I object to is when someone like Grant Morrison does this stuff in an adult context. There have always been childish and adult interpretations of Batman, going back to when I was watching Super Friends but collecting Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams run. I dig them all.

I'll add that I LOVE this Batmobile - the way it combines elements of the Batmobiles being seen in both the comics and the television show of this period - the face on the grill and central fin from the comics, the orange detailing of the TV show. I hope Hotwheels produces a die-cast version soon. I am so there!
Good for kids, good for adults is a reasonable way of looking at it, with a cool 60s vibe like you said, there's a real silver age strain running through that I've only, in my early 30s come to enjoy.
In all fairness I do see what Grant Morrison is trying to do with Batman, attempting to, ahem, rehabilitate that particular era of Batman comics so that it can be accepted by the mainstream. It is much maligned, but I think it is open to debate whether he succeeds or not on that score, his Batman certainly isn't his All Star Superman, I will say. Your right about different versions existing side by side, Batman as a concept allows for them, I mean I can always find Batman Animated Series episodes if I really need a Dark Knight, if you will.
Poor Chris, how's he supposed to get any work done with us rambling on like this?
...which is another way of saying, That's just weird.

My favorite line of dialogue in the whole thing.
Nice to see it's been so well received all around. I'm always happy to be proved wrong about Lou's tastes!

And Greg, don't worry on my account! I happily ignore the internet when I've got too much work to do (as I've done since posting this yesterday morning!).
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